Conservationist Claim Victory: How the Farm Bill Will Affect You

conservationist win with farm bill

The recently passed farm bill is one of the most overlooked big bills that has managed to pass Congress in the last year. At nearly $1 trillion, in many ways the farm bill is really about food. The bill sets eating and farming policy for the next five years in the United States. This includes what farmers grow, what information you will know about the food that you put on your table, and how much the government will spend to help manage all of this. Below you will find some of the ways that the farm bill may affect you:

Conservation of Land

Environmental and wildlife groups are claiming victory for getting two of their top priorities placed into the farm bill which require farmers to use c


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2 Responses to Conservationist Claim Victory: How the Farm Bill Will Affect You

  1. Kahlan says:

    The farmers bill is said to not only affect the SNAP program but also the breakfast in class and student food programs. Farmers are the cornerstone of the blue collar work industry and deserve a break like the next. I just consider that the stimulus of the economy and how the increase of government aid may adversely affect the pricing of food in grocers and support for community food programs. Will the supplier actually meet the practicality of the consumer demand?

  2. Jo says:

    What is not mentioned in this is that by farmers, it really means BigAg. Corporate farms have become the norm, receiving subsidies so large as to getting in line with Big Oil and Pharma corporations. With increased subsidies, cuts have to be made elsewhere, such as food stamps. The more subsidies the corporations get, the more that get taken away from us.

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