Is Amazon Going to Change the Way We Grocery Shop with Dash?

AmazonFresh Dash
If you’re one of those people who absolutely hates going to the grocery store, Amazon has a new gadget for you. Even if you don’t hate it, but just are looking for a way to make more time in you day, you’re still a target. Amazon is hoping to change the way that you shop for groceries. Their secret weapon in this cause is a new gadget which they call the Dash. In its most simple form, it’s a handheld remote control for buying groceries that works by using your home wi-fi network. The gadget is free, and is used to order food and other goods from AmazonFresh, Amazon’s next-day (or sooner) delivery service.

Amazon hopes that Dash will be a game changing technolog


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2 Responses to Is Amazon Going to Change the Way We Grocery Shop with Dash?

  1. michael says:

    As someone that doesn’t particularly like shopping, I would give this a try.

  2. sally says:

    This is an interesting concept and if they can make their prices competitive, I would give it a try.

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