Tricks Breakfast Cereal Companies Use to Sell to Your Kids

How companies influence sales with kids cereal boxes

  • On average, the characters on kids’ cereals stare down at them at a 9.67 degree angle.
  • Cereal boxes for kids are on average placed at 23 inches above the floor, whereas adult cereal is on average placed 48 inches from the floor.
  • Unlike the kids’ cereal boxes, people found on cereal boxes marketed toward adults look straight ahead.
  • When there is eye contact with a character on a box, there is a 16% increase in “brand trust.”

Do you know why your kids are attracted to all those sugary cereals even before they try them? You might have thought that it had something to do with the big cartoon characters that they use to brand their boxes, and you would be correct. But t


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2 Responses to Tricks Breakfast Cereal Companies Use to Sell to Your Kids

  1. Another tactic might be to have your child in the seat of the grocery cart, making them taller. 😉

  2. My seven-year old daughter when she chooses her breakfast cereals, she first looks at the packaging. For me, this is the first thing that attracts the children.

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