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McDonald’s to Offer Free Morning Coffee March 31 – April 13

McCafe free coffee at McDonald's
If you’re looking to save money on your morning cup-of-Joe, McDonald’s will lend a helping hand from March 31 through April 13 when the company will be handing out free cups of coffee as part of their first-ever national Free Coffee Event. All participating restaurants will give any customer a small McCafe coffee at no charge during their breakfast hours. You can also save more money if you decide to buy something in addition to coffee.

In addition to giving out free coffee at their stores, McDonald’s plans to have coffee sampling events at transportation hubs around the US, as well as other places that have a large amount of commuter traffic. The company plans to hand out free coffee samples at these events, as well as have other various entertainment such as live musical performances.

Along with the two-week long free coffee event, McDonald’s will also surprise a twitter follower each day for the rest of the 2014 with coffee and other prizes. Many see the move as a reaction to Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu which launched March 27, as well as a way to address stiffer competition in the fast food breakfast and coffee market.

McDonald’s isn’t the only place where you can score free coffee for those who want to reduce the cost of their caffeine habit. There are a number of other places where it might be possible to get free coffee year round. Here are a few other places that you might want to check out when the free promotion at McDonald’s ends:

Banks and Credit Unions

While not all banks and credit unions will offer free coffee, there are quite a few that do. It seems to be offered more by local credit unions than big banks, but they do as well sometimes. Stop in your local branch one morning any you’ll know if you have a place where you can get a free cup each morning.


Your local church can be a place to congregate, and because of this they often will serve coffee to those who are there in the morning hours. If you’re active in your local church, dropping by in the morning can also land you a free cup of coffee.


If you need a good reason to get out of bed and head over to your gym to workout in the morning before work, a free cup of coffee can be an excellent one. While serving coffee varies from gym to gym, there are quite a few who do provide it at no cost to those who come in for an early morning workout.


Most hotels serve coffee in the morning, and many serve it all day long. You shouldn’t stop by the hotel only for the coffee, but if you have a legitimate reason to go (picking up visitor for the company, conference, looking at room rates, etc.), It’s a great place to pick up a free cup as well.


This varies widely from library to library, but you should check to see if your local library does offer free coffee in the morning. Many more than you might imagine do. Even better, stopping by your local library can help you save money in a lot of other ways as well.

Local Bookstores

While this isn’t the case for most chain stores which are more likely to have a pay coffee bar in them, many local bookstores provide free coffee as an incentive to bring you in and browse their book selection. You shouldn’t go there just for the coffee, but if you are looking for a new good book to read or simply want to browse the store a bit, grabbing a cup is well within your rights.


Another place that you can often score coffee at no cost is at work. If your office doesn’t currently offer it, it can be a great suggestion to propose to your boss at the next meeting. It can be a great way to motivate employees without costing a great deal of money to the company.

While you’re not likely to be able to pick up your morning Joe at the same place everyday for free, there is a good chance you can get a free cup by visiting a variety of these places. And you can start be getting your free cup at McDonald’s each morning for the next two weeks.

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