Your Child Could Be Heading Toward Financial Failure If…

kids money failure

By Gregg Murset

If you haven’t heard the famous stand-up comedy routine of Jeff Foxworthy I would suggest taking a few minutes to pull some one-liners up on the Internet before reading the rest of this piece. Foxworthy has worked extremely hard building a successful career by making jokes about real-life situations, as well as a particular class of people who might be called by some “Rednecks“.

As millions of YouTube videos will verify real-life can be very funny. However, it can also be very hard, especially if you aren’t prepared for it. Recently, numerous studies have come out supporting what many of us already see as parents – kids not prepared to make fina


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3 Responses to Your Child Could Be Heading Toward Financial Failure If…

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  2. Steve Halvorsen says:

    Reading ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Until the teachers quit teaching for National testing (No Child Left Behind Law) their is no time or incentive to teach them anything else.

  3. Gailete says:

    It is more than just finances that kids aren’t learning. Most have no idea how to cook or shop for food — as ingredients to make a meal, not one already made and frozen. Most have no clue how to sew on a button much less make an entire garment. They don’t know how to clean a house much less their own room. They don’t know how to change a diaper especially a cloth reusable one if push comes to shove or anything else related to raising a child. As I look back to the teenager I was at 17 heading off to college back in the 70’s and seeing these kids now, they can’t seem to exist without taking TVs, coffee makers, microwaves, fridges, etc. None of those were even allowed in our dorms and for sure no TV, we went to college to study not to be entertained.

    I see teens and 20’s getting pregnant, getting married, etc. with absolutely no knowledge of what it takes to run a home efficiently and economically. I could have done it at 17 but I haven’t met many girls that age lately that could even begin to do what I was trained to do.

    The most important parental responsibility is to raise your children to be independent adults, armed with knowledge on how to be a grown up in our world.

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