$1 Billion Perfect Bracket Challenge vs Mega Millions Lottery: Which is Best to Enter?

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I received an email asking me my opinion on whether it would be better to enter the NCAA March Madness basketball Billion Dollar Bracket challenge or to buy a ticket for the Mega Millions lottery. While the Mega Millions lottery is not worth $1 billion at the moment (as of this writing, the estimated jackpot is $400 million), chances are that there will be a jackpot of that size in the near future. With that in mind, and making the assumption that the payouts are of relatively equal value, the best answer would be neither. Your chances of winning either of the two is minuscule at best. If you need to choose one or the other, the answer depends a lot on what “best” means to you as...

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2 Responses to $1 Billion Perfect Bracket Challenge vs Mega Millions Lottery: Which is Best to Enter?

  1. Pete Turner says:

    Here’s some lottery advice I was given that may be helpful:
    • DON’T have regular special numbers – they can soon become a millstone round your neck so you dare not ever forget to play them.
    • DON’T choose all birthday or calendar date numbers – millions of people do that and you’ll probably have to share any win.
    • DON’T choose consecutive numbers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Amazingly, tens of thousands of people do this, so your win share could be very small.
    • DO consider quick picks (lucky dips) – many big winners have reported that their wins came from quick picks.

  2. laurie66 says:

    both are worth playing for fun if you’re into that type of thing, but not much else in my opinion.

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