Restaurants That Give Senior Discounts

discounted food at restaurants for seniors

With age comes some perks. There are a large number of restaurants that want to attract older customers to their dining establishment, and one of the best ways to do this is to give a senior discount. The one key element is that these discounts will rarely be automatically given. You’ll need to ask for them, and in some cases, show proof of your age. It’s also important to note that restaurants may be independently owned, so the senior discounts listed below might vary from restaurant to restaurant. The best thing to do is to ask about any discounts available before being seated and served.

Even if the restaurant you frequent is not listed in the below list, it’s still wel


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2 Responses to Restaurants That Give Senior Discounts

  1. Thanks for this useful list. My uncle used his senior card every time we dine out.

  2. Pete Kasper says:

    I enjoy getting all the discount that I can. Every little bit helps.What gets me is some of the fast food resturants that are published on here when you ask for senior discount the say they don’t have discount.

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