NCAA Basketball Billion Dollar Brackets Contest Sign-Ups Begin

$1 billion brackets NCAA basketball contest

Update: You can see the odds of picking a perfect bracket plus get previous NCAA tournament stats which can help you pick a better bracket.

March is here which means that March Madness is just around the corner. No matter if you’re a huge fan of the NCAA college basketball tournament, or know absolutely nothing about college basketball, you might want to pay a little more attention to this year’s games. That’s because if you can pick the winning teams for the 63 games during the tournament in 2014, you could walk away with a cool $1 billion in your pocket.

Sign-up for Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Contest has begun, and you can sign up until March 20 or when the 15


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13 Responses to NCAA Basketball Billion Dollar Brackets Contest Sign-Ups Begin

  1. Bryant Williams says:

    I need the firm to fill out for my official chance at one billion dollars

  2. jeffrey says:

    I have it linked in the article, but you can find it here:

  3. allan kroll says:

    How do I sign up for the ncaa contest

  4. jeffrey says:

    The contest is through Yahoo and Quicken loans — the link right above your comment will take you there.

  5. DAN HODGE says:


  6. Gary Pinson says:

    let the games begin

  7. greg wright says:

    i would like to make my own picks whats up with that?the only pick i made was the final score me and 14,999,999 are gonna tie i hope i get the score right (78-69) you pick-em?!!!!!!!!

  8. greg wright says:

    somehow? I got stuck with an all favorites pick and could not change any of the picks.? 78-69 final score!!!

  9. greg wright says:

    moderation=less words UCLA vs Whichita St.”final” UCLA wins

  10. Reina lim says:

    Mr. Buffet please let me win…thanks

  11. Bob Yano says:

    I’m ready to win $1 billion for me and all my needy friends. Show me the brackets!!

  12. Gary Bevington says:

    That URL does not work Dude. This is totally ridiculous that they don’t just put something that you can click on to enter!!!

  13. Jeffrey Strain says:

    This was last year’s game. There is no game for 2015

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