Trip to Iceland: Week Eight of the 52 Week Savings Challenge

aurora borealis Iceland

I may get some blow back for claiming that this week I was able to save the highest amount still on the sheet ($50) as part of the 52 week savings challenge. I received a last-minute invitation to visit Iceland with the vast majority of the costs already paid for. While the trip ended up costing me about $700, this is a small fraction of what it would have cost me had I paid regular prices, or even if I had tried to make the trip on a frugal budget. Due to the great amount of savings, I feel I hit the $50 savings mark for the challenge by going on the trip.

Under normal circumstances, an unanticipated trip that I hadn’t planned for would be considered an extra expense. Here is my rea


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One Response to Trip to Iceland: Week Eight of the 52 Week Savings Challenge

  1. Jo says:

    I definitely think that you made a coup regarding this trip. Since it was on your bucket list, the unexpected pleasure of an opportunity might have come prematurely (the trip wasn’t funded), it was indeed wise to “strike while the iron was hot.”

    I have witnessed only once the beauty of the aurora borealis. It was long, long ago when I was in my early 20s. I honestly didn’t know what was occurring initially. I found out shortly, but the memory of that beautiful sight has remained with me for the past 30 years. Now that I am aware how the lights happen on a scientific scale, I want to see them again.

    IMO, I don’t think you need explain your actions in such detail in the hopes of being redeemed for having done something without saving for it first. Strike this off your bucket list and focus on the next item. Life is too short for guilt trips. Well done.

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