From Bitcoin to Bullion: The Tangibility of Currency


By David Parkman

As economic systems advance and evolve, so too does their system of currency. From the earliest days of our ancestors, the exchange of physical goods used for survival has been a staple of human communication and the assignation of social standing. As humanity has become more sophisticated in communication and innovation, the necessity for direct trade of physical goods has been joined by a necessity for the trade of intangible goods and, importantly, intangible currencies. However, the move towards intangible trade through the development of increasingly immaterial currencies does carry dangers.

The fact that we’re moving away from tangible currencies has many advant


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One Response to From Bitcoin to Bullion: The Tangibility of Currency

  1. Shanur says:

    There have been so many scams around Bitcoin that I doubt it will succeed in this form. Perhaps if they launched another version of it, that could probably work.
    The problem is not that it’s intangible,… it has no backing, it has no intrinsic value, multiple exchanges show distorted (and different prices), there is a high possibility of scamming etc…

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