What Different Countries Pay Athletes for Olympic Gold Medals

2014 winter Olympic gold, silver and bronze medals worth
The value of a medal from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics depends a lot on what country you represent. While all the medals have the same value when it comes to the precious metals that are in the medals (Gold: $566, Silver: $325, Bronze: $3), the cash rewards that different countries give their athletes who win varies by tens of thousands of dollars.

The country that offers the biggest reward for an Olympic gold medal is Singapore. Any Singaporean who is able to win gold will be $800,000 richer. This, however, won’t happen in Sochi because there are no Singaporeans competing in the 2014 winter Olympic games. Malaysia offers a gold bar worth $600,000 for a gold medal, but like Singapore


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5 Responses to What Different Countries Pay Athletes for Olympic Gold Medals

  1. Alexander Acosso says:

    I can’t believe this!!

  2. johan says:

    US is so cheap..but its fine they always win a medal..but the tax is so ridiculous..

  3. Phillip entacos says:

    Well its not ridiculous. Think about how much money is spent on the athletes to train them for years and years. And the personal value of winning the medal is greater than the money I’m sure. These other countries that pay hundreds of thousands to their athletes who win medals probably only pay a fraction of what the US does to train their athletes. You gotta look at the big picture.

  4. erkcyclisme says:

    LOL. The USOC receives no federal funding. Athletes support themselves and from funding originating from their sport’s federation. You think Uncle Sam was supporting Shawn White since Vancouver? Guess again.

  5. Developer says:

    This is cool, never knew this.

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