Lessons Olympian Shaun White Can Teach You About Money and Life

Shaun White

By M. Butler

Looking for words of wisdom from a professional snowboarder isn’t the place that people think t look when it comes to ways of bettering their finances. Then again, there are a number of things about saving money that you can learn from Olympic athletes, and Shaun White isn’t just any Olympian. He’s competing in Sochi, Russia for his third Olympic games with the hopes of bringing back 2 gold medals to add to the golds he won in the 2006 and 2010 winter games.

Below you’ll find a number of Shaun White quotes that can teach you important lessons about money and life in general:

“I remember thinking that I’d way rather give my parents my money


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One Response to Lessons Olympian Shaun White Can Teach You About Money and Life

  1. Cathy White says:

    I admire this young man very much and know that he will rise to greatness in the future again. I hope to have an autographed photo of him some day. He is an inspiration to my family and to me.

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