Printable Prediction Game to Make Watching the Super Bowl More Fun

Knowshon Moreno tears
While most people bet on who is going to win and lose the Super Bowl, that’s only one of hundreds of bets that can be made. It’s possible to bet on virtually anything that is related to the Super Bowl if you want to, but you can also have a great time among your friends and family members making strange predictions about the game. Below you’ll find a printable game sheet with 20 weird questions that you can have everyone that comes over to your Super Bowl party fill out and play in conjunction with Super Bowl squares for some added fun.

Super Bowl Prediction Game (click on image to print)


The game is pretty simple and straightforward. The printable question sheet poses tw


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8 Responses to Printable Prediction Game to Make Watching the Super Bowl More Fun

  1. Scot Tye says:

    Will there be an answer sheet?

  2. jeffrey says:

    I wasn’t planning on it — part of the fun is looking for the events during the game.

  3. ETC says:

    Great tips! These are more than enough for the fun of the game.

  4. dava says:

    Please do answer sheet…I might miss something….

  5. jeffrey says:

    I will do my best to get an answer sheet up after the game — anyone feel free to place comments below with the answers to any of the questions as well during the game as I will have limited access to update real time during the game

  6. Paul says:

    an answer sheet would be awesome!!!!!

  7. jks says:

    Did Knowshon Moreno cry?

  8. jeffrey says:

    No, he didn’t

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