Hate Football? Great Alternate Super Bowl Sunday Activities

ski during Super Bowl
The vast majority of people are going to be glued to their TV Sunday watching the game hoping that their team will win while playing football squares (or some other Super Bowl themed game). With so many people focused on the game, those who don’t enjoy football all that much may begin to wish the game never existed. This would be a mistake.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of football, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love it when the Super Bowl arrives. It’s one of the few days when a lot of places which are normally crowded on a Sunday afternoon are much less so due to everyone being glued to their TV watching the big game. Taking advantage of everyone else watching the game gives you a perfect opportunity to do more than you usually could on a Sunday afternoon, free from all the crowds. Below are some of the activities you might taking advantage of during the once-a-year event.


Ski slopes are usually crowded with long waits during weekends in early February, but that’s not the case when the Super Bowl is being played. You can get in a great day of skiing that is similar to a weekday when the big game is happening. Even better, hit the slopes as soon as the resort opens, then ski until early afternoon. You’ll get in more skiing than you typically would on a weekend day and you can still catch the game at a bar on the ski slopes. Or you can keep skiing until closing time and have an even emptier mountain to yourself.


It doesn’t matter if you love or hate shopping. If the only time you have the opportunity to go is on weekends, then the Sunday when the Super Bowl is taking place is the perfect time to go. Normally crowded stores and malls will be virtually empty, allowing you to do as much shopping as you want if you love it, or get in and out as quickly as you can if you hate it. Either way, the experience will be much better than if you tried to do the same on a typical Sunday.

Local Museums

Local museums, especially those that are usually crowded on weekends, are a great place to visit on Super Bowl Sunday. For example, science museums, which are usually packed on weekends with kids, are usually far less crowded when the last game of the football season is taking place. This allows you to participate in many of the fun activities there which can be difficult to do with the usual Sunday crowds.

Teach Someone to Drive Stick Shift

The skill of driving a stick shift car is becoming a lost art, but it’s one you would do well to teach your kids. If you really want to get a great bargain on a used car, knowing how to drive stick can get you a wonderful deal since so many people don’t know how to do it these days. Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to teach your kids how to drive a manual car since the roads will be empty.

Go to Auctions

A lot of auctions are scheduled for Sundays and while many get cancelled on Super Bowl Sunday, not all do. If you can find police, car, storage unit, or any other type of auction taking place during the Super Bowl, there’s a good chance that you could walk away with some great deals. There simply won’t be the regular competition for the items being auctioned off, which can keep prices down.

Online Auctions

If there are some things that you have been planning to buy off of an auction site like eBay, look for auctions ending during the Super Bowl game. A badly timed ending to an auction can mean that you get the item for much less than you would at other times since there won’t be as many people on the site looking for bargains.


All those national parks and hiking trails that are usually crowded on weekends will be significantly less so when the Super Bowl is taking place. If you love to explore nature without the crowds, this is the perfect day to head out onto the trails.

Restaurant Reservations

If you have a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try, but getting reservations is next to impossible, making them during the Super Bowl may be the perfect window of opportunity to sneak in. It’s much easier to get into most restaurants on this day as everyone stays home to watch the game.

In the end, even if you have no interest in the Super Bowl, you should be thankful that it exists. It allows you to take advantage of the opportunities that it presents by keeping all those people home in front of their TVs for the day.

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