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How to Better Your Odds at Winning a Super Bowl Squares Pool

odds to win super bowl squares game

Update: Check out another fun, free printable game to play on Super Bowl Sunday: Super Bowl Predictions

The big game is just around the corner. It won’t be long before you’re sitting in front of your TV watching the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos playing Super Bowl XLVIII to see who becomes the 2014 champion. You may even have put a pool together for the game with money or alternate prizes for some added fun.

If you participate in Super Bowl football squares pool and it’s done correctly, there really isn’t any way to better your odds of winning. This is because the numbers for the game will be randomly assigned after all of the spaces in the game have been filled. This will mean that nobody knows which numbers they have until after they have already chosen squares. This ensures that those who receive the most coveted spaces do so randomly.

2014 football squares printable sheet
The key is that there’s no way to better the odds if the game is set up correctly. The reason that many times it’s possible to better your odds is because often these games aren’t set up correctly. You can do this by understanding the odds of what number combinations are most likely to appear from past Super Bowls. By knowing the number combinations with the greatest chance of appearing, you can choose those slots giving you a distinct advantage over those who join the pool later, or don’t understand that some squares are much more likely to win than others.

When football squares are set up correctly, all participants must choose their square (among the white squares from the image above) before the 0 – 9 numbers for both teams are written (the grey squares in the above image). The mistake that happens more often than it should is that the 0 – 9 numbers are filled in before people choose their squares. When this happens, you can choose squares which are much more likely to pay than those that aren’t because you know exactly where they are. Even if you know nothing about football, you have a good chance of winning by knowing the numbers most likely to appear. Here are the numbers you need to know:

The simple rule of thumb is that you want squares that have the numbers 0, 7, 3 and 4 in them and avoid squares that have the numbers 2 or 5 in them. If you have your choice, you want to pick one of the five following combinations:

  • 0-0
  • 7-0 (0-7)
  • 3-0 (0-3)
  • 7-3 (3-7)
  • 0-4 (4-0)

Looking at all the past Super Bowls, this is how often all the numbers have appeared: “0” has appeared 101 times (26.9%), “7” has appeared 78 times (20.7%), “3” has appeared 58 times (15.4%), “4” has appeared 39 times (10.4%), “6” has appeared 31 times (8.2%), “1” has appeared 23 times (6.1%), “9” has appeared 17 times (4.5%), “8” has appeared 10 times (2.7%), “5” has appeared 10 times (2.7%) and “2” has appeared 9 times (2.4%).

By understanding that the 0-0 square (or any of the others mentioned above) is much more likely to appear sometime during the game than the 2-2 square (or any other square not mentioned above), you can greatly increase the chanced that you’ll win one of the prizes given away. It’s important to note that these are the odds, and that doesn’t mean the above numbers are guaranteed to win. They simply suggest that going by past Super Bowl games, which numbers are much more likely to appear and which aren’t.

With the above knowledge, you could take advantage of any game put together where the 0-9 numbers have already been written on the sheet before filling in your square(s) and increase the likelihood of winning. A better course of action, at least in my opinion, would be to point out the flaw in the way the game has been set up. The game can then be properly set up so that it’s random and nobody has an advantage over anyone else when the numbers are chosen.

6 thoughts on “How to Better Your Odds at Winning a Super Bowl Squares Pool

  1. While it’s true you can’t better your long term odds, if you are picking multiple squares – you can invoke a strategy.

    Pick squares along a diagonal or so that each square has a unique row and column – this maximizes the chance you’ll win a single square.

    Pick squares in the column or row preferentially in the direction of the underdog/visiting team. You’ll maximize the chance that you’ll be the big winner – winning two or more squares.

  2. Typically both the team and the numbers are assigned after, so utilizing those strategies does not improve your chance.

    It’s just random. I did two squares pools and got terrible numbers in both (one I had five squares, none good numbers).

  3. Thanks for the details and hopefully you have good #s for Super Bowl 48.

    I have been tracking the scores for all games from 1-47 with number pairs by quarter so you can see if they have ever paid and how often as well as Coin Toss stats for those prop bettors.

    Good luck to all especially those with 2&2, 5&5, 8&8 and 9&9.


  4. Correct, there is no strategy to improve your chance. But you can change how likely various outcomes (winning something, winning 2 or more squares) will arise. Clicking on my WCWIII will take you the full analysis.

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