February 28 Day Declutter Challenge

28 day declutter challenge
If spending 52 weeks decluttering your house seems like much too long of a period, you might want to try to fast-track the clean-up process. You can do this by taking the February 28 declutter challenge. Focusing on getting your house cleaned up as quickly as possible can be a wonderful goal since there are plenty of financial reasons that organizing your house can be beneficial. If you commit to start by getting rid of one thing on February first, and continuing to add one more item each day of the month, you’ll be able to dispose of over 400 items throughout the entire month.

28 Day Declutter Challenge (click on image to print)


The concept is pretty easy to follow. On day 1, you get rid of one item. On day two, you let go of two items. When day three arrives, you find a way to throw out three items before you go to bed. On the last day of the month, you’ll need to find 28 items that will leave your house. Whatever day of February it happens to be, you need to find a way to empty your house of that many items. When March first arrives, your house will have 406 less things in it than it did on February first.

Starting off with a single item and increasing it by one each day of the month allows you to begin decluttering (often the most difficult part) at a slow and steady pace. Since the first few days only a tiny number of items need to go, it should help to put what might otherwise feel like a daunting task into small enough steps that are easy to accomplish. As the days move on, getting rid of things becomes a habit, which makes it easier to get rid of more and more items.

28 Day Declutter Challenge Reverse Version

The reverse version of this challenge is exactly the same as the standard version, but you do it in the opposite order. Instead of starting with one item on day one, you begin by getting rid of 28 items on day one. Then on day two, you would dispose of 27 items. The reverse version may appeal more to those who are greatly motivated at the beginning and already know what decluttering project they need to tackle. In the end, the exact same 406 items are cleared from the home during February.

28 Day Declutter Challenge Alt. Version (click on image to print)

Another option is to do the alternate version which gives you the most flexibility when taking on this challenge. In this version, all 28 days are written at the bottom of the chart. Each day, you choose how many items to declutter from your home, and then cross that number off. The goal is to try to cross off the highest number that you can each day. This version takes into account that there will be days when you’re busy, and other days when you’ll have more time to declutter. Since you’re in control of the numbers each day, you have a lot more flexibility than the other versions.

No matter which version you choose, taking the challenge can be a great way to get your home in better condition in a relatively short period of time. If you have a lot to declutter throughout the house, you might even want to focus this February challenge to a single room that’s in need of being organized. That could be the garage, the basement, a storage room, or any other room that has far more stuff in it than it should. By designating February to throw out those things that you no longer need, you can get a good jump start on your spring cleaning.

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3 Responses to February 28 Day Declutter Challenge

  1. creditcardfree says:

    Nice idea! I think my goal may just to see how many items I can declutter this month. If I do better than the 408, great. If less, it is still better than zero!

  2. Christina says:

    Decluttering has saved me this week. Found a library CD cover (I’d have to pay replacement value if I returned just the CD), plus a second LAMY fountain pen. The second item isn’t really a saver. Just delays my replacement cost, I guess.

  3. Lisa P. says:

    I have been doing this and am up to 136 items so far.

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