Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks 2014 Printable Football Squares Chart: How to Play

Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks football squares

Update: For those searching for 2015 Super Bowl Squares Printable

Editors Note: Check out the Super Bowl Predictions game for another fun, free printable game for your group to play on Super Bowl Sunday.

I’ve had a few people ask, “How do you play Super Bowl football squares?” after writing the article on alternate prizes that families can use to make the big game more exciting. The process is pretty simple and straight forward, but it may look a bit confusing at first glance, especially if you’ve never previously played football squares. It’s important to learn the proper way to play because setting up the game incorrectly cam allow for people that know the odds to have a much better chance to win. Here is a simple step by step process on how it works:

Print a Super Bowl Football Squares Chart

The first thing that you need to do is create your own 10 x 10 chart, or even easier, print the Super Bowl XLIV chart below (click on image to print)

2014 football squares printable sheet

Determine the Value of the Squares

If you are playing the game for money, you next need to determine the value of each square. This is the amount that each participant will pay for each square that they want to claim. Each square can be worth any amount that makes sense for the group that you’re going to be playing with. For example, the following amounts would make for the following total pool of money to give away.

  • $0.10 squares would make for a $10.00 pool
  • $0.25 squares would make for a $25.00 pool
  • $0.50 squares would make for a $50.00 pool
  • $1.00 squares would make for a $100.00 pool
  • $2.00 squares would make for a $200.00 pool
  • $5.00 squares would make for a $500.00 pool
  • $10.00 squares would make for a $1,000.00 pool

Another option is to not sell the squares, but just have predetermined prizes that are given away to the winner(s) at each quarter or at the end of the game.

Fill in the Squares

Before you place the numbers across the top and down the side of the chart, you want to have all of the 100 spaces inside the chart filled. Most of the time, people place their initials into the space that they want, but you can also assign each person a number or a color. Basically, as long as you can identify the individual that “owns” each square, you’re fine.

Randomly Write in the Numbers 0 – 9

There is a reason that you fill in all the squares before randomly assigning numbers to the top and side rows. This is because some numbers are much more likely to appear (0, 3, 7) than other numbers (2, 5) If you placed the numbers at the top before filling in all the squares, the first people to write in their initials would have a great advantage over those who filled in their squares at a later time. By randomly assigning numbers (usually by picking out numbers from a hat), who gets the best numbers is determined by luck.

Decide How to Dole out the Prizes

There are a number of ways that prizes can be given, and there is no set standard way to do this. Most of the time a small amount of money is given out for each quarter, with the largest amount going to the winning square for the final score. However, sometimes an even amount is given for each quarter and sometimes the only winner is based on the final score. You can choose which distribution method is best for the group you’re playing the game with. Below are a few ways that you can choose to dole out the prize money (If you are giving out prizes other than money, you should also choose the way that they will be awarded).

options for football squares payout

Determine the Winners

To determine the winner, all you need to do is look at the last number of the score. For example, if the score is Seattle 10 and Denver 14 after the first quarter, you would take the “0” column from the Seahawks side and “4” from the Broncos side, and run the lines together until they meet at a square to determine the winner. You do the same with the score at half-time, the third quarter and the final score.

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