2014 Super Bowl Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos Football Squares Alternatives for Family

Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos football squares

If you work at a company, there’s a good chance that there will be an office pool that you’ll be asked to join for the Super Bowl. The concept is pretty easy. You give $1 and you get to sign your initials into one of the 10 x 10 squares on a sheet of paper. If the last numbers of the final score lines up with the square that you placed your initials in, you’ll win the pot (sometimes there are also smaller awards for the score at the end of each quarter as well, with the final score usually being the largest amount. If the game is set up improperly, you also have a chance to greatly increase your odds of winning).

What a lot of people don’t think about is that the Super Bowl football squares can also be a fantastic family activity that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, while putting some extra excitement into the game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. Each family member gets to choose an equal number of squares with their initials, and then keep their fingers crossed that they will be the winner. Below you can print out the football squares chart (click on image) so that you can play at home, plus some alternative prizes that you can play for besides money:

2014 football squares printable sheet

Movie Night

If you have a family movie night each week at home, the winner gets to pick the movies for the next month. If you have movie nights out at the theater, the winner gets to choose the next movie. You can adapt this to how your family watches movies together giving the winner the chance to have control for a period of time.

Next Trip Destination

If your family takes trips a few times a year, the winner gets to choose the next destination that you’ll go on for a trip. You can make is a special weekend trip or to a destination for a trip that you plan on a yearly basis. For example, there may be a few choices of where you think you might go next summer, and the winner would get to make the final decision.


Instead of money, you can play for the elimination of a chore. Each family member chooses which chore they would like to eliminate. Whoever wins has their chore eliminated while the other family members each take it over for one week (for example, if there are 6 family members, the chore is eliminated for 5 weeks).

Candy / Snack

If the family has a special candy or snack that everyone loves, this can be awarded to the winner. You can actually do the prize for each quarter using the football squares by handing out small amounts to the winner after each intermission. The prize for the final score would be the biggest of those handed out.


The person who picks the winning square is exempt from the football party clean-up, while all the other members of the family have to do it. If there really isn’t much to clean up after the football game, then this exemption can be extended to the next big household clean-up.

The above are just a few examples to get your creativity going. Find anything that everyone watching the game desires or something that everyone would rather not do, and you have found a great prize for the football squares game. This can also be adapted to groups of friends (or any other group) who get together to watch the big game. In the end, Super Bowl squares can be a great piece of added entertainment to the game that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

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  1. I must try this one! I think this is really fun. Usually during Saturday we play board games.

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