52 Week Save Money Challenge: Week Four

saved money week four
This week I was able to cross off the largest amount on the 52 week save money challenge sheet. It’s always a good week when you are able to save the highest number that you’re shooting for, so I’m pleased with that. Even better, it was a simple call that I have had on my list for quite some time. This is how I saved over $150.

Car Insurance

I have been meaning to call my car insurance company for some time to see if there was a way to lower my car insurance costs. I had done a couple of online searches that said I could save quite a bit if I was willing to switch car insurance companies. The main issue was that I really didn’t want to switch since I like the current


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2 Responses to 52 Week Save Money Challenge: Week Four

  1. Paulette says:

    It did not occur to me to haggle down my insurance, due in a week. D’oh! I’ll know better in July. My payment’s already on its way.

    I made some chicken stock, and with the exception of yesterday, when I was too exhausted to make dinner (kids, even though the experts say there are no side effects to megadosing with methylcobalamin form of Vitamin B12, when I did it on Friday I became dizzily incapacitated), we ate down the pantry. So what I did this week was start with $26.50, the average of 52 weeks of saving, and subtract splurges (coffees), add saves (discount on frozen vegetables, keying $25.19/lb basil as $9.99/lb oregano, free Starbucks 12 oz. drip for returning an empty bag of 12 oz whole bean coffee). I paid nothing for getting my clothes mended by an alterations professional.

    Some nice things:
    I answered the call to procure for a school auction, and learned that gift certificates to a local store are at 50% discount when procured for school auctions. $12.50 savings.

    Free 12 oz. tea for me when I buy a can of specialty tea offered by a local company. $2.00 savings.

    So $25 is the 52-week savings challenge deposit for me today, owing to ambiguity and fluidity of budget surprises. Next week will be the end of the month, so I can just gather some surpluses from budget categories.

  2. jeffrey says:

    Job well done. Definitely set a reminded the next time payment comes up on the car insurance. It’s in their interest to do everything they can to keep you if you’re a good customer.

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