14 “Impossible” Money Goals That Aren’t

impossible goals

Whenever you bring up a large or extreme financial/frugal goal (particularly if you bring it up at a party populated by spendy people, as I once did and will never do again), the first response is often a dismissive snort and, “That’s impossible.” And if you dare to say that you’ve already achieved said, “Impossible” goal, the response is likely to be, “Well, you’re exaggerating or outright lying because no one can really do that.”

Okay. I understand that many large or extreme goals seem out of reach. Mostly, though, what’s limiting the naysayers is their own belief that such a thing is impossible. (And their behavior, but I’l


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3 Responses to 14 “Impossible” Money Goals That Aren’t

  1. We’re planning to buy a second hand car, then we really need to save for it because we will pay it for cash. As long as we can, we will try to avoid debt.

  2. Faye says:

    I had people including my own family members ( including my mother) tell me it was impossible to pay cash for a house…but I did it! Yes I had to have a plan and I had to be frugal…but it WAS SOOOO WORTH IT!!

  3. Gailete says:

    One of the best ways to do this is put blinders on if needed so you don’t see what others are doing with their money/credit cards. Stop looking at other people with envy and wishful thinking. American life, especially, seems to be this non-stop keeping up with the Jones, the Smiths and their boss that people never seem to take the time to figure out what THEY really want in life. If they got off the merry-go-round for just a day or so and focused on themselves (in a good way) and either by themselves or with spouse figure out their five year goal, 10 years goals, etc. to get you to where THEY want to be in life. None of that should be based on other’s goals which seems to be living a sham life looking like they have tons of money.

    Perhaps I’ve been living frugally for far too long (both by choice and circumstances), but I see what some have collected all around themselves and I just ask myself WHY? Now that cleaning and dusting and taking care of stuff is physically difficult for me, I am working on making my house a place of comfort and beauty, but not pouring money into it. I’m working on making my hobby work the best I can be and running my business in the best way possible. All things that make me happy and boost my self-esteem.

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