52 Week Save Money Challenge: Week Three

52 week savings challenge 3
I had a pretty good 52 week save money challenge this week without having to do much extra work. The savings seemed to just fall into my lap ¬†as I was doing what I would regularly do this week (Wouldn’t it be nice if it was always like that?). I know that most weeks won’t be like this, but I’ll happily take any that happen to come my way. This is where I found savings this week.

House / Pet Sitting

I ended up taking a house / pet sitting job this week for four days. I haven’t taken shorter house sitting jobs in the past because it disrupts my writing having to move all my stuff back and forth, so I prefer jobs where it’s a minimum of a week long. I decided to ta


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6 Responses to 52 Week Save Money Challenge: Week Three

  1. Jake says:

    We just started our own 52 week savings challenge for 2014. We’re very excited.

    We’re also putting a little money into bitcoin, but that’s a really low-investment experiment.

    We didn’t have a savings account to get started with it, though, since we had to close ours last year to buy a new fridge. So, we opened a free savings account (no fees, no minimums, and 0.75% APR) online to start. We can even set up automatic transfers on a schedule to keep us on point for the challenge.

  2. Paulette says:

    Week three was the best yet.

    We sold some productivity suite, for $50 and $200 respectively.
    A supermarket had a brand’s whole bean coffee on sale for $5 for 12 ounces yesterday: I bought four bags. We don’t like to spend more than $9/lb. [color=green][b]$7[/b][/color] savings.

    I looked online at a department store’s January sale, found some pajamas the right style, size and price. When I walked over they were an additional 25% off. [color=green][b]$5.45[/b][/color] bonus!

    Delaying the purchase of sturdy, bland socks I used a [color=green][b]$15[/b][/color] certificate from a scavenger hunt prize pack to mend socks, a sweater, and two jackets.

    Saved [color=green][b]$7.60[/b][/color] off tubes of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.

    That’s roughly $35, but I have some remainder money (we used some software cash on a family pie outing, toilet paper and paper towels: I’d forgotten what they cost outside Costco!) to bump it up to a full [color=green][b]$52.[/b][/color] Not all weeks can be this awesome, and when they aren’t, I can say “at least I have already met a ‘peak week’.”

  3. jeffrey says:

    Well done! Always nice to get that top amount crossed off the chart.

  4. jeffrey says:

    Best of luck with the challenge!

  5. Mppaul271 says:

    I just started the challenge and I will be keeping track of all the savings that come along during the month and make those ‘physical deposits’. I am doing the Mega challenge and have a $75 starting balance. I reactivated a dormant credit union account that will work perfectly. I keep a coin bank also and will deposit the contents into this account at the end of each month in addition to my regular weekly deposits. Any found money will also go directly, do not pass go, into this 52 week mega challenge account. :-)

  6. jeffrey says:

    Great — the mega challenge is quite a challenge, but wishing you the best in reaching the goal.

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