The 52 Week Email Purge Challenge

52 week email purge challenge

If you’re like me, you have way too many emails that need to be cleared out of your inbox. They seem to sit there and linger week after week, and even though you know you should go through them, it never seems to get done. I must admit that I have performed the “nuclear option” in the past of deleting everything, but that really isn’t the best way to handle too much inbox email in my opinion. Those emails weren’t deleted for some reason when they first came in, and most of them need to be looked at to see if some task needs to be performed before deleting.

I’m trying to be much more diligent this year and do the “one-look” method for incoming


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  1. scfr says:

    I’ve knocked the numbers that correspond with weeks 18, 24, 25, 26 & 28 off. Trying to get ahead as I have company coming and my priority will be quality time with my house guest so I won’t be working on this challenge.

    I was motivated to do this challenge originally for environmental reasons, but as with all purges it has been enlightening. I am seeing how I spent my time a couple years ago sometimes in ways that I now realize would have been better spent elsewhere. I am trying to use this as a learning experience to make me more mindful of how I use my time NOW.

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