The 52 Week Bill Challenge

52 week bill money challenge
For those who like the appeal of the 52 week money challenge, but who would also like to expand it, you can adopt versions like the double challenge or mega challenge. These are both fine if you know you’re going to be able to save extra money, but what if you find yourself hopeful that you can save more than the standard challenge, but you aren’t exactly sure how much more you’d be able to save? In this case, you can opt for the 52 week bill challenge.

The bill challenge is basically the adult version of the 52 week coin challenge. Instead of focusing on a set amount each week such as $1, $2 or $5, the bill challenge focuses on the number of bills saved each week. If you decide to only save $1 bills, you would end the challenge with the exact same amount of money ($1,378) as you would with the standard challenge. The twist with this challenge is that you don’t only have to save $1 bills. You can choose any denomination or combination of denominations each week.

Bill Challenge (click on image to print)

For example, during week six, you would need to save six bills. If you chose them all to be $1 bills, then you would save $6. But you could also choose to save four $1 bills and two $5 bills for a total of $14. You could even decide to save one $50 bill and five $100 bills for a total of $550. It’s the bill count that’s important with this challenge, and you can choose what that count will total by the denomination of the bills you decide to save that week. This is simply another variation that gives you flexibility to save more than the standard challenge.

The alternate version of this challenge gives you even more flexibility. In this version, you choose the number of bills to cross off from the bottom of the chart each week. Once a number has been crossed off, you can’t use it again. All fifty-two numbers will be crossed off after a period of one year. For example, you may start the challenge off by crossing of the largest amounts first with only $1 bills. As the year progresses, if you find that you’re still able to save a good amount of money and the number of bills that you need to save each week is getting lower and lower, you may want to increase the bill denominations you save. At this point you can start mixing in $5 bills, $10 bills and even $20 bills if you desire. On the other hand, if the year ends up being financially unpredictable, you can continue to use only $1 bills throughout the entire year. This challenge simply gives you the option to save even more money if it makes sense as the year progresses.

Bill Challenge Alternate Version (click on image to print)

With the lowest denomination bill being $1, this challenge, if completed, guarantees saving at least $1,378. The twist which can make it a more desirable challenge is that the savings at the end of the year could be a whole lot more depending on the mix of bills you decide to save each week. The most important factor is picking a challenge that best fits your needs and financial personality. Doing this will make the challenge easier and the likelihood of success that much greater. If this is a challenge which appeals to you, print out one of the charts and begin. If not, take a look at some of the other 52 week variations that may be of interest linked in the sidebar.

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  1. Holly says:

    This is such a great idea! Thank you so much!

  2. creditcardfree says:

    You sure keep finding plenty of ways to work this challenge. I don’t know how anybody could not save something if they tried one of these. 🙂

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