Lean Body Fat Wallet: How to be Physically and Fiscally Healthier

Lean Body Fat Wallet book review

By Ellie Kay

If you are like most people, those two goals are on the top of your list each New Year and the source of your frustration at year’s end as you fail to permanently realize your objectives. Why does this common failure plague so many people? Unhealthy and counterproductive habits. Change your habits, and change your life.

Our lives are driven by a variety of good and bad habits that influence our emotions and behaviors as if we are running on auto-pilot. Webster’s Dictionary defines habit as “an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly completely involuntary.”

While good habits allow us to reap positive rewards, bad habits can produce the negat


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2 Responses to Lean Body Fat Wallet: How to be Physically and Fiscally Healthier

  1. *pol says:

    Thank you for this article and writing the book!
    Excellent healthy perspectives for health and wealth no matter what the starting point.
    I’m not overweight (though I’m not fit either), and I have no debt except a manageable mortgage (but I am certainly not wealthy). These habits and mindsets you have outlined here are just the kick in the pants I need to kick the excuses to do BETTER instead of just okay!

  2. Fundaau says:

    Great article. That’s a very good advice for those who have been also struggling and making ways in how to pay and limit their debts. I agree with you when it comes to paying down debts. Learning how to quickly pay off personal loans, business loans, and any other kinds of loan can help you save money and reduce stress caused by your debts.

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