52 Week Save Money Challenge: Week Two

money fund week two
Although I wasn’t disappointed with my $5 savings for week one of this 52 week save money challenge, I was hoping to come in with a better number for week two. While I wasn’t able to cross off the highest amount on the chart this week, I did get to cross off a much higher amount than last week. Below is a recap of the savings I was able to find this week.

Called the Cable Company

The big savings this week came from a call to the cable company. I simply made a call saying that the current amount I was paying was more than I could afford, and if it wasn’t possible to get a better rate, I would go ahead and cancel. The fifteen minute phone call netted me a $26 per month reduc


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3 Responses to 52 Week Save Money Challenge: Week Two

  1. creditcardfree says:

    Nice job, Jeffrey!

  2. Paulette says:

    Second week: Used the savings from our “free” coffee & treats (one gift card, one for return of empty 12-oz retail whole bean coffee bag) – $5.89.

    I’ve had two free coffees out this week. Today a library branch celebrated 100 years of service in the neighbourhood, so coffee and refreshments were served. This was GOOD coffee donated by a local business. I’ll add that to Week Three challenge.

    I did have some existing refrigerated sake to go with some egg udon soup w/caramelized bacon on top, all with ingredients found in the kitchen. The oven-prepared bacon was a hit with everyone, including the cats. This may be postponed takeout, but I feel more accomplished eating down the pantry so to speak. I visualize larger deposits after our car insurance semi-annual payment is paid.

    This year (all of twelve days) I haven’t had an espresso or cappuccino out yet that I’ve paid for, which is unusual for me. I think the last two times I’ve gone out, with dozens of coins, freaking out about tax and tip, have made me less habitual.

    Buy One, Get One Free savings on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – $4.98

    Rounded down because I went to the Credit Union on a blustery, near torrential day in a hurry and used a cheque I’d started to fill out for ten dollars instead of eleven to save time.

  3. Jo says:

    A thought just came to me while reading your post, Jeffrey.
    I have a Kindle Fire on which I’ve downloaded hundreds of books – some I purchased, others I received as gifts or simply freebies. Each day I get emails from Pixel of Ink and Bookbubs, giving me a selection of ebooks to either purchase for as little as .99 cents.

    I’ve also got a huge collection of ebooks I’d like to eventually purchase, but then thought better and added them to my wishlist. A few times a week I surf my wishlist to see if any are available for free. If they are, of course, i will download those. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s a great feeling to know I got the item for free. Each new month I can budget a set amount of cash for the kindle books, and if I can stick to downloading only the freebies and add those I’d have to purchase to my list, the end of the month that cash goes to my challenge savings. I will find that as equally satisfying as I do when downloading the freebies. :-)

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