The 52 Week Declutter Challenge

52 week declutter challenge

You have too much junk. I feel pretty confident making that statement because I have far less stuff than most people, and I have way too much junk. This became apparent as I was going through stuff as part of my 52 week make money challenge. As part of that challenge, I am hoping to sell some of the things I have but no longer use, in order to make some extra money. While that’s still a goal, as I’ve been going through the garage I’ve been finding far more things than I realized I had. It’s become obvious that what I really need to do is a major decluttering.

The problem I have with decluttering is the same problem that a lot of people have with saving money. Over th


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14 Responses to The 52 Week Declutter Challenge

  1. creditcardfree says:

    I think attaching a number to decluttering can be an excellent exercise. I once did some challenge where I got rid of 27 items each day for 9 days. Sure sometimes it was a piece of paper, but it did make me look deep for things to get rid of.

  2. Alexandria says:

    The last link isn’t working for me??

    I find it hard to believe I can purge 1378 things, but I like the idea of just trying to purge something weekly, putting it on the fridge as a reminder, and who knows? I may be surprised. 😀

  3. Christina says:

    If the 1378 items include what will be reaching the house over the next 51 weeks this will be an easy challenge for me (oft-used strips of fabric sheets, circulars, facial tissues, grocery receipts, twist-ties, recipes I photocopied six years ago but never used).

  4. Christina says:

    I didn’t find the Alt Version PDF, but I did find some .pngs for the Alt Version in a variety of sizes by deleting the page of this URL in the address bar: there’s a repository of Challenges in PNG and PDF format.
    I used the URL as my Website link for this comment so click on my name if it’s highlighted to search the repository.

  5. Alexandria says:

    Thanks Christina!

  6. jeffrey says:

    I just checked the link and it’s working for me…

  7. Nate says:

    Second link fixed now. Apologies.

  8. snafu says:

    I find it helpful to have a criteria for stuff to go. To keep clothes from over taking closets and bureaus, we agreed that when new apparel comes in, similar old items must go.

    To keep paper from overwhelming us, we only keep asking ourselves ‘what’s the worst thing that would happen if it went to recycle…other than legal or tax stuff.

    Anything broken gets a slice of masking tape with the dated, if not fixed in a couple of pay cycles, it’s gone, obviously not important. If replaced, new item in – old out!

    Some people say if space isn’t a problem they may as well keep stuff they don’t need, don’t use etc. It still takes effort to look after stuff – needed or not. Not every nook and cranny needs to be filled.

    We all have stuff that’s only used occasionally but if you don’t use stuff, don’t need it, don’t love it…why not sell it, regift or donate and let someone else enjoy and use?

  9. scfr says:

    OK Jeffrey, I’m on board with this one with a twist … I’m going to make it an “Email deletion” challenge and my motivation is to stop having a negative impact on the environment by forcing my Email providers to expand their storage capabilities due to my failure to delete old & useless Emails. The Emails that I delete as soon as I open my Email don’t count … I will only count the “moldy” ones that have been sitting in my in & outboxes for far too long.

  10. scfr says:

    I should mention that I will be using the numbers in the TOTAL column, not the “# of items” column, since deleting Emails is pretty easy.

  11. jeffrey says:

    Definitely a creative take on this that I’m sure would benefit a lot of people (including myself) Best of luck with it. I may have to steal this idea for another post :)

  12. Gailete says:

    Hadn’t read this article when I made my first money of the 53 week challenge, but I got rid of 170+ items :) I have plenty more to get rid of as well. If I could only convince my 49 year old husband to let me donate some of his clothes that he still has from high school and will never fit him again that would be great!

  13. Jo says:

    Okay, I am definitely on board with decluttering using the 52-week challenge. This is not going to be difficult in the least.

    I have an upcoming move this fall. I will be relocating from northwestern PA to a nice little city in MO. Since it’s going to be a self-move, the last thing I need to do is carry about stuff I just don’t have any use for. This means not having to rent a massive U-Haul, and then putting the savings towards my Challenge. Most of the stuff I get rid of, I can sell and also apply to my savings. Win-win for me.

    As far as getting rid of old emails, I’ve never had this issue. I’d rather apply the decluttering to actual 3-D items…..and it won’t be one sheet of paper at a time either.

    Such awesome ideas on this blogsite!

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