Week 1 Results for the 52 Week Save Money Challenge

The first week of my attempt for the 2014 52 week save money challenge this year had a slow start, but the good news is that it did begin. I decided to do this challenge from scratch, so I won’t be using money that was in the process of being saved before beginning this challenge. If I had done this, I could have crossed off a much larger number, but I believe doing it this way is more realistic to someone who is just beginning this type of challenge.

I did three things from my initial preparation list to get things started. Even though I didn’t save a lot of money, I did begin to build that foundation which should allow me to knock off the larger amounts in the weeks to come. He


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One Response to Week 1 Results for the 52 Week Save Money Challenge

  1. Felicity says:

    I also started the challenge this week and got my husband on board with his own challenge also. I do occasional baby/pet sitting so my goal is to fund the saving through that. I started with putting $50 away this week after having a puppy here all weekend. My husband just did $4 from money he found laying around the house. We started putting the money into our TFSA. Very excited about this challenge.
    Good luck everyone.

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