The Twice a Month Chart for the 52 Week Money Challenge

twice a month 52 week money challenge chart

It appears that there are a lot of people who get paid twice a month rather than every two weeks. That means that the 26 bi-weekly challenge chart is close, but not quite right for them since what they actually need is 24 entries throughout the year. I received a number of requests asking if I could create a twice-a-month, or bi-monthly, challenge chart to better help them with the challenge. The results can be found below.

Twice a Month Challenge (click on image to print)


This was actually a bit more difficult than it appears. Much like with the monthly money challenge, 24 amounts means that there are 4 extra weeks which need to be added to the challenge. The standard way to do this wou


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4 Responses to The Twice a Month Chart for the 52 Week Money Challenge

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the chart, it has greatly simplified the math for me. A couple notes on your challenge:

    – bi-monthly means every two months. Perhaps semi monthly?
    – on rows 17 and 18, it appears that the balances have been transposed.


  2. jeffrey says:

    Good catch on the transposed numbers — I will fix that when I get a chance.

    Bi-monthly actually means both twice a month or every two months (yes, quite confusing)

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks for this! I’m changing jobs so I’ll be going from weekly to bi-monthly pay. This will be super easy to follow. I really like the alternative version too. As long as each box gets saved, you’re still meeting the goal. Thanks again!

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