Join the 52 Week Make Money Challenge for 2014

make money challenge 2014
While talking with some friends who attempted the 52 week money challenge last year, it became apparent that a lot of them had frustration because they didn’t feel that there were many areas in their budget where they could save. They had already cut back as much as possible, and there simply wasn’t anyplace for them to squeeze out a little more savings to fund their challenge account. It soon became apparent that what they needed was a money making challenge. That is, a challenge where they could make small amounts of money during their free time each week not associated with their current earnings, so that they had the money to fund the challenge account.

Thus, the creation of


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3 Responses to Join the 52 Week Make Money Challenge for 2014

  1. James says:

    I had a nice side income back in my days as an undergrad. Always had customers and a strong demand. Needless to say, it almost got me kicked out of school and arrested.
    Here’s to having LEGAL side income in 2014! (my new years resolution)

  2. Suzi says:

    Would you consider the amount saved using coupons as money earned? I know some people do, but I can’t decide if that is truly earning money. Perhaps it could be money I put into my Savings Challenge account.

  3. jeffrey says:

    I think it could go either way (considered saved or earned) I would consider it saved if you just happen to come across the coupon and earned if you actively are looking for them. In both cases, you need to actually take the money and place it in your account and it has to be for food or products that you would have been buying regardless of whether you had a coupon or not.

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