After Christmas Sale Arbitrage: How to Make Money Starting December 26

After Xmas sales arbitrage
There are a lot of people who know that there’s a good opportunity to save money at after Christmas sales on things they’ll use during the year. Along with savings for yourself, these sales are also a great opportunity to buy things at discounted prices which can then be resold for a profit. For those who want to make a little extra money on the side, finding deeply discounted after Xmas sale items can be a great way to do this.

Most people looking for a great deal head to the stores to stock up on Christmas related items for themselves knowing that they will be heavily discounted. If you’re looking to arbitrage, you want to look for those things which are discounted, but a


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2 Responses to After Christmas Sale Arbitrage: How to Make Money Starting December 26

  1. Harry W. Greene says:

    I would love to have ornaments at discounted prices..I have a great zeal of ornaments…I just love them buying on half prices….

  2. Gailete says:

    Okay, my one indulgence is chocolate. We have been having near record snow in the area where I live and so I went close to two weeks without getting out of the house. Cabin fever is bad enough, but I was running out of chocolate! Finally yesterday dawned sunny and bright, the roads had been plowed and I go out of the ‘cabin’. I had $15 in CVS extra bucks and a $5 off $25 in purchases coupon. So I went shopping for chocolate. Peanut M&Ms are one of my more favorite treats. I found the Valentine (pink and red packages) for 3 for $7.00, the regular ones (yellow package) for $4.29 and the Christmas package (green with red and green M$Ms) for $2.15 for the package. All packages were the same size and the same contents only different colors and you can’t taste colors. You could tell by the different shelves they were located on that people had been buying all three different packages with no thought to the price. I also can’t believe that someone buying Valentine M&Ms will still have that same bag available for Valentine’s Day 😉 I bought the Christmas M&Ms and stocked up a bit besides as I don’t trust our weather at all this year. I did this on 1-4-14 so we aren’t even talking about sales on the 26th. CVS still had plenty of Christmas stuff marked down 75% off that I passed by. Between my extra bucks and other discounts for the stuff I was buying, I saved 67% at the store. Don’t forget I intentionally went to buy chocolate at CVS so this wasn’t a spur of the moment purchase.

    I did forget to get a new calendar. This is the first time no one has given us one. I bet they were in an isle I didn’t walk down and would have been deeply discounted.

    Yes I love after season markdowns for things I’m going to use or eat anyhow! Love CVS for the great discounts and coupons and extra bucks!

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