How Target’s “Free” Credit Monitoring Offer Can Cost You

Target free credit card monitoring service

In my original post about the Target credit card data breach, I mentioned that one of the things that Target was likely to do was to offer a free year of credit card monitoring. This is what they included in the email about the data theft to their customers:

“For extra assurance, we will offer free credit monitoring services for everyone impacted. We’ll be in touch with you soon on how and where to access the service.”

When data breaches like this occur, free credit card monitoring is a common offer which makes it seem like the company is concerned, and it wants to do everything it can to help in the situation. But in reality, it’s usually nothing more than a marketi


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2 Responses to How Target’s “Free” Credit Monitoring Offer Can Cost You

  1. chong says:

    Pretty nice post. I am one of those that had their card information in the Target data breach. I was thinking about getting this monitoring when offered, but I will look at the details now before committing. Thanks for the head’s up.

  2. Nikki says:

    I did not have to give any credit card information when signing up, therefore even if they want me to renew after the first year is up (which obviously they do), they don’t have any way to charge me for it. I completely agree that most of the time companies offer a “free” deal because they are certain you will forget by the time the free part ends, and they can charge your credit card with impunity. However, in deal where you DON’T give your credit card number, I don’t see a problem.

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