Target Credit Card Information Stolen: Steps You Should Take to Protect Yourself

Target discount store
Target is a great place to save money, but it’s being reported that up to 40 million credit and debit cards have been compromised (including the Target Red Cards). The theft took place from November 27 though December 15, 2013. It was the “track data” that was stolen, including credit and debit card numbers, the customers’ names, the date the cards expire, along with security codes (the three-digit code found on the backs of the cards). Having this data would allow those who stole the information to make counterfeit cards and place your card’s information directly onto the counterfeit card. If the thieves were also able to obtain PIN number information, it would...

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11 Responses to Target Credit Card Information Stolen: Steps You Should Take to Protect Yourself

  1. Wendy says:

    Good luck trying to cancel the card today. I cannot get through to report my card stolen.

  2. Chanté says:

    I was able to get through twice and as soon as I said I wanted to cancel my card the call convieniently disconnected…smh

  3. Mary says:

    I want to CANCEL MY CARD IMMEDIATELY but I can’t get through on your customer line Target :(

  4. Randy says:

    I called my bank and they shut down my persoal debit account immediately stating “there is a strong possibility that your account has been compromised”. They also stated “this is the biggest banking security breach in history”. I was successful in changing my REDcard debit PIN on-line.

  5. Frustrated says:

    I think Target should double or maybe even triple the amount of customer service reps over the next week or so. You tell me in “Step 1” that I should cancel my card, how do I do that if I can’t get through on the phone lines? Great customer service and Merry Christmas to me;-(

  6. John says:

    All customers of Target should boycott Target for the week of Christmas to show the customer disappointment over the Target card breach fiasco..

  7. Anita says:

    Me either! How infuriating to try to take steps to protect yourself and they won’t let you!

  8. Your Daddy says:

    Target….YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Paula R. says:

    Massive 40 *MILLION* card losses that goes totally unnoticed for 2-3 *WEEKS* only
    happens to EXTREMELY poorly secured companies.

    Like Target. As well as the companies *THEY* foolishly/blindly trusted with our
    debit card info.

    My bank, like most banks in the country will *NEVER* give you back a penny
    of money stolen out of debit accounts. If a $2000 fraud happens to you… you
    instantly have lost the money. Debit cards are *NOT* the same as 30-day
    grace period credit cards.

    When you lose debit card money… it’s lost for good. You can’t just call the
    bank and say “gee, please put that $2000 back into my account, ok”

  10. Sarah says:

    It’s my understanding with the debit cards, that they are only able to be used at Target and not at ATMs. So my checking account should not be at risk, especially if I change my pin.

  11. Regene says:

    Not true…I just had my debit card used twice from what I noticed on my bank statements. Luckily, I’m with a credit union and they will replace the funds back into my account with a cardholder fraud affidavit. Therefore, debit cards are not off the hook.

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