The Best Way to Win the McDonald’s Xbox One Instant Win Contest

McDonald's One Hot Holiday Xbox One instant win game
It’s always a challenge when a new McDonald’s game comes about because there is always a desire to figure out the best way to win the contest. The McDonald’s Xbox One instant win game “One Hot Holiday” is no exception. This game runs until December 23, 2013, but codes can be input to redeem prizes until January 24, 2014. Much like the yearly Monopoly game, there are strategies that can be used to spend the least amount of money and have the best chance to win the prizes you want. Below you’ll find some of the tricks used by those in the know to get the most out of this game.

Collect Pieces from Others

By far the least expensive way to get game tickets is


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9 Responses to The Best Way to Win the McDonald’s Xbox One Instant Win Contest

  1. Sam055 says:

    Why would you send away for 500 game pieces when you could only submit less than 200 before the game ends?

  2. jeffrey says:

    You would only want to get that many pieces if you were planning to sell the extra ones to make your money back. If you look at the prize list, most of the prizes are only worth something to an individual once — you don’t need a lot of downloads to the same game, but since the downloads have value, you could probably sell the code for at least the $1 (if not more) it cost to get the game piece. The reason someone would want to get 500 pieces is that it gives them a better chance (about 5%) (although small) to win the Xbox One, the real prize everyone is going for.

  3. Mrs. M180 says:

    While these are overall good ideas, if I may I’d like to point out a few issues with your reasoning here.

    Out of the prizes offered, the only ones you could legitimately hope to profit on are the Xbox Live memberships and the Xbox One. The rest have such high odds and low value that the market will be flooded with people selling their winning piece for $0.50, or just giving them away. Remember that there are over 19 million game pieces out there, and nobody can make use of the same video game or movie download twice. Memberships will have value because people spend $10 on them currently. Getting someone to pay $5 may work out great! Good luck with those 1:28 odds though.

    Also, you mention in your comment to San055 that “500 pieces … gives them a better chance (about 5%) to win the Xbox One,” which is mathematically incorrect. Flipping a coin twice does not give 100% odds of getting heads. Since I am not a statistician, I used a calculator and prize information from the giveaway’s FAQ to find that with 500 pieces your odds of winning an Xbox One are 0.02%. That means if you’re paying $1 per game piece (which is your suggested selling price), you can pay $500 for a 0.02% chance of having an Xbox, or you can pay $499 to buy one at the store!

    You have nothing to lose by collecting free pieces and using your codes when you intended to buy fast food anyway; however, just as gambling in a casino is not a good investment strategy, spending money on these codes to win is a fantastic way to watch your money disappear like magic. Personally, I would have a moral issue with taking money from people who do not understand math, but I can also just as easily see the argument of providing the service of collecting the pieces in exchange for compensation as well.

    If anyone winds up doing this (including you jeffrey), please write up a blog post about your experience and bottom line. It seems like a it would be an entertaining read!

  4. Hambone says:

    About 0.5% chance with 500 pieces. Just a slight correction for ya there.

  5. Jackson says:

    We’ll theoretically it’s impossible to win an xbox but in reality there is just the slightest chance you’ll win but that’s like 1 and 1million so good luck spending money.

  6. guy says:

    You are stupid. Theoretically it is possible, and in reality it is too. And its a 1 in 10,000 chance not million. Smh

  7. Girl says:

    Guy’s right, not only its it possible, MANY people have won xbox’s. I know at least 6 people that won of the chef boyardee promotion. If you already eat at MC’ds you might as well play.

  8. anon says:

    I am so bummed out ! I won a one month live gold memberships with the one month music pass and I come to find out the odds of winning that was more slim than winning the xbox! I could sell it for around $10 but i might just use it since my 3 month live is running out this month, but regardless, I sure am lucky.

  9. Jordan says:

    I’m glad I didn’t have to go to those lengths to win my xbox one, I won on the first night of the contest off my first purchase. I got it off my fries on the mcnuggets combo meal. I didn’t even know t this promotion was going on when I went in. I had it on my doorstep by December sixteenth too. There were supposedly fourteen thousand xbox one/Forza 5 winning tickets but on the one hot holiday site’s winner’s list there’s only a little over twenty five hundred of us who actually won.

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