How to Remain Financially Motivated the Entire Year

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With the New Year fast approaching, many begin to think of what they would like to accomplish during that time. That motivation is usually quite high in the first few weeks and months, but many encounter difficulties or have trouble staying focused and motivated for the entire time period. Keeping yourself on track can be difficult, but there are a number of different ways to keep yourself motivated as you’re trying to save money:

Write a List

Writing a list can be a great way to keep yourself focused throughout the year. This list can account for any number of things, from how much you want to save each week to what accounts you want to deposit your savings into. Even keeping a list


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3 Responses to How to Remain Financially Motivated the Entire Year

  1. Setting a long-term goal is just one of my plans. And of course writing a list of priorities and trying to follow it will lead you to have a good 2014!

  2. Gailete says:

    Work on starting new habits such as putting a little bit away each pay period. At you can but stocks and IRA and Roth IRA shares for little money and the fee isn’t much either. But forcing yourself to make that deposit each month and seeing the amount start to grow gives you impetus to keep going.

    Four months ago I started doing a monthly net worth statement (some things are so easy now with computers and spreadsheets) I was thrilled to see how our net worth has increased in the last four months.

    I keep a notebook of when bills are due with a page representing each month. In December I make up the pages of the next years and at the same time fill in the dates for the mortgage payments, insurance payments, taxes, etc. No surprises like some people seem to get when Christmas comes on December 25 …again!

    We have gone through some very rough times financially, but the last year and a half have been much better financially which means we are saving more and bills are being paid in full, etc. It gives a good feeling knowing we have money tucked away.

  3. MS says:

    I use a technique where…when I spend on a discretionary I match the amount (and round up) with the same amount to my main savings account. It gets me to think twice. That is, if I want the ‘discretionary’ then I have to make sure I have twice the money (i.e., discretionary + the savings match). That gets me to think twice about needing the discretionary. And, if I decide that I do need the item then I am not feeling as if I’m wasting the money because of my savings match.

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