31 Things Around the House You Can Use Instead of Buying a Christmas Tree

For most people, the debate is whether to buy a traditional or plastic Christmas tree, but there really should be a third option to consider. Both these options can be expensive, but just because you happen to be on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the holiday with a tree. There are plenty of ways to come up with alternative Xmas trees that can not only portray the holiday spirit, they can bring an unexpected flair compared to the typical Christmas tree. So put your creativity cap on, gather some stuff you already have around the house and create a wonderful do-it-yourself tree that will bring smiles to everyone who sees it while saving money in the process


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18 Responses to 31 Things Around the House You Can Use Instead of Buying a Christmas Tree

  1. getforfree says:

    So, basicly, take any junk and shape it into form of a tree, and here you go. You also can take a household plant and decorate it with lights and stuff.

    We usually put up the same plastic tree every year that we got handed down from friends who didn’t want it anymore, but this year we were able to get a cedar tree for free that we are using this year. I also decorate with cristmas lights in my living room and kitchen instead of outside. We are not outside in the eveining to look at the lights. We are inside. Why waste electricity?

    My husband also insists on having the light outside at night. I turn it off as soon as he falls asleep, or the first thing in the morning. I also pretend I forget to turn it on, but really, I just don’t want to waste it. When he leaves for work and my older kids are in school, I lower the thermostat to 66 and make my youngest wear slippers and a sweater. I turn it back on when he gets home.

  2. Edith says:

    Everyone is fighting against the traditions of Christmas and trying to turn it into just another holiday. It’s a celebration of the birth of Christ. A Christmas tree is a tree, not a drum set, a book, some string or ladder. You should celebrate it the right way or not at all.

  3. Sam055 says:

    You do realize that Christmas can be celebrated any way someone want to celebrate it, right? Who the hell do you think you are to dictate what is the “right way” to celebrate?

  4. Thorsten says:

    I agree with Edith. Even Jesus’ disciples themselves must have
    thought, lets not rock the boat at the pagan winter solstice celebration. We’ll just add the birth of Jesus to their dancing around the tree. 😉

  5. Jewels says:

    I agree with Sam055, because no where in the bible did it say that Christmas tree’s are sacred. As a matter of fact, Christmas tree’s are not Christian at all. It is actually a Pagan ritual as Pagans worship the earth and it’s natural entities. It is also NOT the actual birthday of Christ. He was actually born in the spring time. Here is a resource for you for you. Christmas is actually a Pagan holiday, sorry. Not saying this because I am a Christian or a Pagan, cause I’m actually kind of undecided in my beliefs. Mainly because no one seems to have a clue about the history of God and the bible has been translated so many times… But this is besides the point. However I do believe in the God of the Jews and Christians. http://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/Christmas_TheRealStory.htm

  6. edith says:

    Christmas trees are Christian and are a part of celebrating the life of Jesus. They aren’t called winter solstice trees.

  7. edith says:

    They are sacred because they are a celebration of Jesus and are names after him.

  8. Thorsten says:

    Edith, your ignorance of history — and Christianity — is only trumped by your religious and self-righteous arrogance. That said, I’m sure the tree in your home is beautiful and I’d like to wish you a merry Christmas regardless of what you tell yourself is sacred. Easter bunny anyone?

  9. Minny says:

    Using greenery to celebrate the winter solstice happened way before Christianity. If you read the history of Christianity you will discover many pre-Christian symbols and celebrations were taken up by the Christians to encourage people to join as people were reluctant to give up what they had by way of celebrations.

    Just one example is the halo which was taken from the sun worshippers. It doesn’t make these things wrong or bad, but it doesn’t make them only belong to Christians.

  10. cindyoh says:

    I beg to differ about the origin of xmass trees being “Christian” in any way, for pete sake. Traditional pagan maybe (?) But people will do what they want and according to my bible, you need to be persuaded in your own mind and not grieve your fellow man about it. Read what Paul has to say about the subject and similar “doubtful” things in Romans 14, verses 5-6 in particular but read the whole chapter. I’m half German. Those folks worshipped trees. I personally love evergreens – in my yard – but no longer feel an urge to put one in my house. If I would want to buy one to put lights on, I’d want to plant the durn thing in my yard once xmass is over. So much disinformation out there anyway. Did you know Jesus was probably conceived in December and born in September. That kind of thing can be pieced together if you compare scripture to scripture. If you’re interested, that is.

  11. edith says:

    It’s called a CHRISTMAS TREE, not something else. That means it’s a christian tradition.

  12. edith says:

    December 25th is the birth of Jesus. Trying to say it was another day means you don’t believe in Him.

  13. edith says:

    All these people hating on the traditional CHRISTMAS tree proves that there really is a war on Christmas!

  14. edith says:

    If it isn’t a real Christmas tree, then it isn’t part of the Christmas holiday. if they want to pretend to make a tree that isn’t really a tree, then they aren’t celebrating correctly. Anyone can see that.

  15. Minny says:

    Yes, it is a Christmas tradition BUT it was borrowed from a pre-Christian time. Non Christians use greenery, including fir trees, at this time of year.

    I fail to see how the origins of evergreens at midwinter detracts from what you believe.

  16. Lisa says:

    I love the creativity of each tree. It shows creative thinking versus just spend and trash a tree. Or just the same ole same ole plastic tree. Add excitement!

  17. Muffe says:

    What does a Christmas Tree have to do with the birth of Christ?

  18. Marco says:

    Oh my God or Jesus!!!
    The creativity is amazing
    No one can tell you how to celebrate Xmas even Edith who sounds like an entitled bible thumping know it all Scrooge!!! What if someone doesn’t have the money??? They shouldn’t celebrate Xmas because of white republican values Edith?? Wow!!!

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