Where to Score Free Calendars 2014

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While many people prefer to use the calendars on their phones or computers, there are still plenty of people who like hanging a physical calendar in their homes or offices. There’s a wide price range when it comes to calendars, so if you’re looking to score a free one for the upcoming year, here are a few places to consider looking:


Many banks and credit unions hand out free calendars around the holiday season. These calendars tend to bear the logo of the bank and often contain imagery of nature or animals. Hanging out calendars with the company logo is a great way for the bank or credit union to promote their brand. This can be a great place to find a free calendar if you don’t mind seeing the logo of your bank on a calendar.

Insurance Companies

Additionally, many insurance companies will also hand out free calendars. Sometimes these are sent in the mail as part of a promotional deal for current or new customers. Sometimes these can also be found in the office of your insurance company. As with calendars from banks, these calendars will most likely have their logo stamped on the cover or some of the pages as well.

Auto Shops

A lot of people go to auto repair shops or car dealerships when they are looking to score a free calendar. Many auto shops and car dealerships hand out a variety of free calendars, usually as promotional material for automotive brands that the shop carries. This can be a great place to check if you’re looking for a new calendar for the upcoming year.

Public Libraries

Public libraries contain a wealth of free things. While sometimes it may seem like public libraries aren’t seeing the large crowds they used to, this is still a great place to look for calendars that don’t cost a dime. These calendars may be from local businesses trying to advertise their services, official calendars from the city, town, or state you live in, or even a calendar from the library. Not all public libraries will have calendars available, but it doesn’t hurt to take a trip to your public library and check out the situation and see if they are available.

Trade Shows

Trade shows and conventions are another great place to find calendars at no cost. Trade shows and conventions are usually full of different vendors trying to get people to buy their wares or become interested in their business or services. Calendars are a great way for them to promote themselves. If there are some trade shows or conventions taking place nearby, you should consider checking out any that interest you. Chances are that you will be able to score at least a few if you attend during the last months of the year.

Retail Stores

A lot of stores try and come up with clever promotions or marketing ads around the holiday, so you might find some offering no-cost calendars at your favorite retail stores. These stores can range from a local convenience store or pharmacy to a clothing store. Next time you stop by one of these stores, ask one of the employees if they’re giving away any calendars. You can also check their website to see if this is something they offer around the holidays.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores can be another great place to score a free calendar. Calendars at grocery stores can usually be found near the cash registers or the information desk. While the images on the calendar may not be as dramatic or interesting as some of the ones found in other places, many calendars from grocery stores also have coupons, which is a great perk. These tend to be more functional than beautiful.


You may not think of a restaurant or fast food place as somewhere to pick up a calendar, but a surprising number of restaurants actually give out calendars around the holiday season. Many local, independent restaurants give them out to promote their business, and some even carry calendars from other local business partners.


Have you ever checked your company to see if they offer free calendars? A lot of companies offer employees a choice of a variety of calendars for the new year. If this is a perk your office has, you should definitely take advantage of it. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask HR or the person in charge of supplies if calendars are something the office provides.

Non Profits

If you have given a donation to a nonprofit organization during the year, there is a good chance that you might be getting a calendar in the mail from them. Many of these organizations seek donations at this time of year, and one of the most effective marketing techniques is to send a calendar in hopes that you will make another donation for this free gift. Keep an eye on your mailbox and you might have that calendar delivered right to your door.

Promotional Deals Online

Of course, one of the quickest and easiest ways to find a no-cost calendar is to search online. There are plenty of websites dedicated to pointing you in the direction of calendars you can get for free, but there are also a lot of online deals for calendars as well. Such deals could come in the form of receiving a calendar at not extra charge for a purchase at a particular retail website or liking a company on Facebook in order to receive a new calendar. It’s definitely worth your time to check online if you want to score a calendar for the new year, but don’t want to head out to any of the other places mentioned above.

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