The Con That Grey Thursday and Black Friday Deals Save Money

Black Friday save money

Retailers are trying to con you and they are doing a good job at it. At least they are doing it well enough to be able to con enough people to make the whole Grey Thursday (the new name for those stores that are actually opening on Thanksgiving now) and Black Friday hype worthwhile to them. If you go out and shop on Thanksgiving or the day after, you have fallen prey to the notion that you’re getting a deal and saving money, but the reality is much different. The fact is that when you buy something that you don’t need or that you would otherwise never buy, it doesn’t matter how great a deal it is — you aren’t saving money.

This is an extremely important conce


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2 Responses to The Con That Grey Thursday and Black Friday Deals Save Money

  1. dojo says:

    We decided to stay away from the madness, since we don’t really need anything specific. How much money did we save? ALL. :)

  2. Minny says:

    I have saved money at this time. Once when our scales died and we got a new set half price and this year I got two brushes for my electric toothbrush at half price.

    Aha, I thought as I ignored all the other tat they wanted me to buy, I don’t need anything else!!

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