50 Things I Am Thankful For

It’s so easy in our day-to-day lives to get caught up in the moment and forget about all the good things that there are to celebrate. Most of these things have very little to do with money (although having money can sometimes make them easier to accomplish). I think it’s important to sit down every once in awhile and reflect on those things I’m thankful for to make sure they aren’t forgotten in the day-to-day dramas.

What I’m thankful for is probably not exactly the same as what you’re thankful for, but I hope that by sharing my list, you might discover a thing or two which you’re also thankful for that you may have not considered before. Here is my


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104 Responses to 50 Things I Am Thankful For

  1. carmen says:

    I am thankful for having my husband and son home from Iraq.

  2. Sandra C says:

    I am thankful for my hubby, dog, and job.

    Thanks for the chance!

  3. karen says:

    my mom was in the hospital earlier this year,(not good).So thankful she’s back at home and doing great. i tell her that pretty much everyday…

  4. Karla Sceviour says:

    I am thankful for my family,our health and a house to live in!

  5. Linda Walters says:

    I am thankful to God who always loves me and blesses me. It amazes me everyday how truly blessed I am. I am not entering this giveaway because I know that others are hurting and in so much more need than I am. I do thank you for the offer and I love giveaways.

  6. diane says:

    Most Important I am thankful for my kids. They are great gifts from god.I am thankful for life itself, my family. The food we eat.

  7. Rusu Alexandru says:

    I thankful God for food!

  8. Jill says:

    My family, friends, and a roof over my head

  9. Eric R. says:

    I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior, the Lord Jesus and for the wonderful family He has given me.

  10. Doris says:

    Thankful for all the trials I have been through that have made me who I am and made me stronger.

  11. Linda says:

    I am sooo thankful for the freedom we are enjoying as a nation. We take it for granted sometimes.

  12. Wade says:

    I am thankful for my wife and kids.

  13. Mariam says:

    I am so thankful for this great nation and the refuge it has been to me. Also for great friends and family.

  14. Annabelle says:

    So many things I’m thankful for this year! If I had to pick one, I’d say, I’m thankful that my cat has gotten better after being ill.

  15. Katy M says:

    I’m thankful that my mom is healthy right now, that I’m getting to travel home for Thanksgiving, and for my awesome husband.

  16. Pamela says:

    So thankful that I am alive today after almost dying several years ago, and so very thankful for my wonderful hubby and kids.

  17. Omar Mukhtar says:

    I am thankful for so much this year! Me and my family’s health, seeing my mother’s family for the first time last summer back in Ethiopia, and having a relatively great year altogether, so far!

  18. jaime says:

    thankful for my family’s health…

  19. maria says:

    our first baby, due in february! thanks!

  20. Digimot says:

    totally thankful for all God gave me, including my body, my family, and my friends. :’)

  21. Katy says:

    I am so, so thankful for my family, my home, vehicles that work, the ability to homeschool my children and also, most importantly, for my Savior Jesus Christ!

  22. Annette Rochelle Aben says:

    I am thankful for being alive, having family around me, having friends who love me. We have indoor plumbing, electricity, gas for our home and vehicles. All my senses work and I can laugh! so much more…

  23. Carla Bonesteel says:

    I am thankful for days off.

  24. CB in the City says:

    I am thankful for my new granddaughter, and my two grandsons who are not “new” but precious, for my health, for my new home, and for great friends.

  25. amybelle2001 says:

    I’m thankful for my husband, my cat, my family, and my friends!

  26. Maureen says:

    My family and friends. I know it sounds cliche but with all that my family and I have been through this last year the love for each other has gotten us to this point.

  27. Noel says:

    What a wonderful list!
    I’m glad that you made up your mind on #50. BTW, I would add SLEEP. It is so good. AND, you know if when you can’t sleep.

  28. Riann says:

    For my family – cliche but it couldn’t be any more true.

  29. I am thankful for my family and friends and God’s love!

  30. Vesper says:

    thankfully for my husband and our health

  31. My family, my house, and my life are some things im thankful for. I’ve been through quite a bit and am realky just glad to even be alive

  32. Denise Donaldson says:

    my family and my life. :)

  33. jay says:

    My kids

    We use the same white tablecloth for Thanksgiving every year and after dinner write somewhere on it, in permanent ink, a small blurb on what we’re thankful for. Nice looking/reading back over the years!

  34. Melissa A says:

    This is a wonderful list. I am most thankful for my family and my education.

    <3 Melissa

  35. virgomomwriter says:

    I am thankful for: my husband, my son, my friends, home, my neighborhood, books, music, God, poetry, Ireland, ancestors, history, hot baths, iced tea, I could go on all day…

  36. Charlotte Raynor says:

    I am thankful for my dog’s health, food and a roof over my head. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  37. Danielle P says:

    I’m thankful for my daughter and family.

  38. I am thankful for my health and the health of my family.

  39. Huguette E. says:

    I’m thankful for my family and that my mom is cancer free after her second fight with it.

  40. debbie kanastab says:

    My family, health, and my job:)

  41. Sherry H says:

    I’m grateful for full time work, all the tasty food that I want to eat, a warm,dry,safe place to live, a vehicle that runs well, pets, family, and many other things.

  42. Erin says:

    I am thankful for all my opportunities in life I am blessed with daily. I have the opportunity to be the best person (wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, nurse) I can be on a daily basis and it’s up to me to do it or not. The best part about it is when I mess up the Good Lord above gives me another opportunity the next day!

  43. Carson says:

    Thankful for my family and a job I love!

  44. ellen beck says:

    I am thankful for the roof over my head and food to eat when some have neither. I am thankful I have a husband to lean on whom I still love.

  45. Michelle Spayde says:

    I am thankful for family.

  46. Holly says:

    I’m thankful for my mother, who has made really hard decisions in my life that made my life a lot better, I know that without her I would be no where, she made choices for me when I was younger that effected the rest of my life, even if she didn’t know it.

  47. Judy says:

    My reason for happiness today, came as a direct result of becoming homeless 3 years ago:) I am now in my permanent housing, after that rather long and painful learning experience :) And as disabled senior, I spend all my time trying to help others get through that easier, and with dignity and viability still intact:)

  48. l bryant says:

    I am thankful that i write in my gratitude journal. So many times I have read back and when I realize the joys and gifts in my life I find PEACE!

  49. Anne Loyd says:

    I am thankful for my family and that we have today to spend together!

  50. Shannon says:

    I’m thankful for my loved ones

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