Great Gifts That Don’t Cost Any Money

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There is a misconception in our society that to give a really nice gift, you have to spend a lot of money. One of the worst assumptions that is made is that a gift has to be something that is physically unwrapped. This is simply not true and some of the best gifts I have ever received have been ones that didn’t cost the giver any money or was necessarily an object in a wrapped box.

The best gift that you can give takes in into consideration who you are giving the gift to while meeting the needs of the recipient. Using a bit of creativity can create a number of opportunities where you can give great gifts that don’t cost a dime. below you’ll find a number of options to get


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8 Responses to Great Gifts That Don’t Cost Any Money

  1. Usually every Christmas I will give my neighbors some home cooked meal. And I know they are happy in receiving my simple gift for them.

  2. Mrs. M180 says:

    I strongly doubt anyone who doesn’t have $5 for a thoughtful gift will have a beach house up for grabs!

    I have some additional ideas to contribute.

    First, if you’re in a position that does not allow even token gift spending, be honest about that. There are too many familial variables to give a blanket route to do so, but as an example, you can talk to your spouse about your financial situation and agree to get creative about gift giving, or simply agree to not participate for one year. Keep in mind that the season is about being close to your loved ones, not about bolstering Wal-Mart’s bottom line, and do whatever feels appropriate.

    If you have a few dollars to spare, the holiday season is a GREAT time for couponing! Put together food or candy baskets for free or close to it with minimal effort on your part. You may also have opportunities near home to volunteer a few hours of your time in exchange for food or small gift items.

    Host dinner, even if you have limited funding and need others to contribute the food items. If you can’t, volunteer to help cook the dinner or clean up.

    Give the gift of a hand written, personal, loving holiday card, delivered by hand by a postal worker. Handwritten letters are rare and touching to the recipient, and so small in cost.

  3. Petunia 100 says:

    Does this mean you will not be giving me a free month at your beach house?

  4. paul says:

    This is a simple post. When these tips are incorporated with other money saving habits, they add up. Little things add up, so everyone should use these tips, and with the money they save, put it right into your savings account. Also, just the point that you are going to actually put these thoughts into action, will help to transform your mind subconsciously into thinking more towards saving money regularly.

  5. L. showalter says:

    Everyone from the newspaper person to the UPS man likes to be remembered at the Holidays! I put aside money just for these hard working people each year, and it always brings a smile! there is something for everyone, even if it a box of sale candy!

  6. L. showalter says:

    Remembering the post man to the UPS person each year brings a smile! Anything from a sale box of candy to a pair of gloves is always appreciated!

  7. Mary says:

    Home made gifts are truly the best, especially when its obvious some thought and time went into the end product. I’m going to try the ‘meal’ one this year with my mother, who lives alone and cooks for herself every night, trying to eat nutritionally.

    My daughters loved best the Christmas I made them recipe boxes. I put all the ‘family’ recipes they grew up eating on colored index cards and decorated an index card box that I bought at the dollar store. I made sure to indicate when the recipe was one from a Grandmother or Aunt. To personalize it even more, I put inspirational quotes and personal notes on index cards and placed them throughout the box.

  8. michele says:

    People seem to have forgotten what Christmas is really about. It is not about black friday or cyber monday there is a reason for the season for all to get together and celebrate the birth of christ.And it is always better to give than to recieve. Get your family or your girls friends go sing carrolls at the nursing home or take in a homeless family for aday of cooking and just enjoying the simple things in life. So to everyone its not about buying its about giving giving of yourself Merry Christmas to all.

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