How a Terrible Haircut Earned Me Money and Made Me the Nicest Uncle Ever

Earlier this year I wrote about how I ended up getting paid $250 for an obscure video I had placed on YouTube. I’m more convinced than ever that it can be worthwhile doing this after another one of my obscure videos was picked up in another way.

On Halloween I had a temporary lack of judgement and decided that it would be OK for my 6 and 8-year-old nieces to cut my hair because it was getting a bit long. When I agreed that they could cut my hair, I figured, “what is the worst that could happen?” I quickly discovered the answer to this question. In my mind, I had cut my hair a number of times myself, so if they didn’t do it evenly, I could just take out clippers and e


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6 Responses to How a Terrible Haircut Earned Me Money and Made Me the Nicest Uncle Ever

  1. Joan says:

    A sky full of stars for this article!

    Regardless of earnings, this is awesome–and I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before. Personally, I think the stills are better and should never be separated from the video. Many superlatives and exclamations!

  2. dojo says:

    Fortunately the hair does grow back 😀

    And it was indeed a great idea, the kids had fun and at the end of the day it’s what matters.

  3. What a deal! Guess it’s time to start putting up some videos, though I guess I would need the approval of all the people in them.

  4. How did Storyful even find out about your video? Do you still get any youtube revenue or is that split as well? Video only has 624 on youtube, but yahoo used their own player on the article so I presume there was a lot more views.

  5. I wonder how the agency responsible found the video in the first place. Has anybody heard of storyful before?

  6. jeffrey says:

    I have no idea how they found the video in the first place. I had never heard of them before they contacted me, but again, since the video wasn’t going much farther beyond my friends in family, i saw little risk in letting them try to promote it. We split all revenue, so that includes any made from Youtube. Yes, yahoo used their own video player so there are many more views than the count on Youtube.

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