10 Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey dinner on table

The key to saving this Thanksgiving is to think and plan ahead. It’s never too early to start considering the cost of the holidays, especially when giving yourself some extra time can allow for great discounts and finds. The first step: confirm your Thanksgiving plans. Are you hosting dinner this year? How many people are attending? Once, you’ve sorted out the basic details, use the following tips to cut holiday costs without cutting corners.

Start noticing prices

In the days or weeks before the big holiday dinner, start watching the prices at a few nearby grocery stores. Maybe the local market has a good price on fresh veggies, while the supermarket up the street would be a go


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5 Responses to 10 Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving

  1. Stephie says:

    This is such great advice, thank you! I love using grocery coupons and online coupon codes to help save me money during this time of the year. My thanksgiving shopping is already done and I saved over 50% with all of the great coupons this year. I just started on my Christmas shopping.

  2. We do watch sales for the turkey and ham since we buy it fresh, but everything else I buy in advance as it goes on special. I also grow and can most of our vegetables, so that helps a lot.

  3. honour says:

    The1st year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner I rejected all offers of help or support dishes…but I learned that was really stupid on many fronts. Our guests love to say…”I hope you like yadda yadda, it’s been a family tradition for as long as I can remember, or ‘we have so much fun making yadda yadda,’ it’s fiddily but this is Thanksgiving after all.’

    One year I had two neighbors in an we made desserts and shared them between us. One kitchen, one mess and 3 sets of hands to clean up.

  4. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I really enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving posts. That delicious turkey really looks yummy, I saw some of my relative posts about their Thanksgiving pictures.

  5. Kostas says:

    Stephie, awesome job! I need to take some tips from you, and this post on how to save with holiday meal costs! I’ll definitely consider some of these ideas.

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