Credit Cards, Like Alcohol, Have Benefits when Used in Moderation

credit card benefits

I was informed by a friend today that credit cards are the worst thing ever created and that nobody should have them. I hear this tirade more often than not from those who have gotten deeply in debt from misusing credit cards, and who have decided that they’re going to stop using them in order to get their finances in order. I fully support them in taking this step. If you can’t use your credit card in moderation and can’t handle it appropriately when one is in your wallet, you shouldn’t have one. That being said, just because you have an addiction doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

When I hear people say that credit cards are evil, I try to explain that ju


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One Response to Credit Cards, Like Alcohol, Have Benefits when Used in Moderation

  1. As with all things, misuse is what creates the problem. Credit cards, as you stated, have many benefits attached to them, if you do not abuse the privilege! I personally like the emergency benefits that come from them, as well as the convenience, but paying off the balance each month, when used, is essential to keep from creating problems.

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