12 Ways to Save Money at Jamba Juice

save money Jamba Juice

Have you ever felt guilty for spending money at Jamba Juice? Maybe you feel a wave of guilt each time you hand over cash or a card to pay for one of your favorite treats. While overindulgence is rarely a good thing, you shouldn’t always have to feel guilty about spending money on something you enjoy. Here are a few different ways to save money during your next trip to Jamba Juice.

Social Media

Following Jamba Juice’s twitter or facebook accounts can be a great way to learn about upcoming deals, giveaways, or specials. Since many businesses are opting to use social media to attract and entice customers, checking out their sites every once in a while could be a good idea. You nev


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4 Responses to 12 Ways to Save Money at Jamba Juice

  1. getforfree says:

    Make your own is the best way to save money. It is way cheaper to prepare your own food and drinks and take along with you, instead of buying it on your way, when you get hungry, and it’s going to be a while before you get home.

    If you get a coupon for a free item, use it, but only get the free item and nothing else. Recently I go McDonalds saving coupons in the mail. They had a coupon for a free iced coffee and a free smoothie. I already used those, just because they were free. I wouldn’t stop at there otherwise. I still have a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich(or something like that), I just never drive by it in the early morning. I would give it to my husband, but I know, he will be tempted or feel like he has to order something else because he is getting a free item.

    I pack my husband’s lunches every morning, and take snacks with us when I drive my kids to their activities, and the older kids eat at school for free. We never eat out. I might take my kids to a McDonalds playground if they pay for their kids meals with their allowance money. But that doesn’t happen very often. They know we can go to a park’s playground for free and bring our own snacks. I can make chicken nuggets or a hamburger from scratch for the fraction of the cost. We often make French fries fro real potatoes too.

  2. You’re right to make your own smoothie will definitely save you a lot. I’m a big fan of smoothie too but I just seldom buy it because I usually made my own.

  3. Ruthy Maximum says:

    I feel just as guilty when wasting money on $5 coffees at Starbucks, or $200 meals at my favorite restaurant in Italy, or $1,000 on campaign when I go out every Friday and Saturday night. Work hard and make tons of money, and who cares. For every dollar I waste on stuff as mentioned above, equally I give that same amount to either a charity or church. Well I may not always do that, but that is my goal. I will spend tons of money and work extra hard. Live the life of a millionaire and you will be forced to make that money and be successful. Don’t be cheap just spend and buy, and then work hard and make loads of money.

  4. Paul says:

    Ruth you’re nuts. Hey if you can save some money, then do it. I will tell you this, mix kail, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, banana, carrots and some cranberry juice in a shake and have that every day and you will be a healthy person. This can be very expensive at good old Jamba, so yes make it on your own. I was a fitness trainer/model for 10 years now, and this recipe is the way to go, but yes too expensive to have a jamba. I use a cheap blender and it works just fine.

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