25 Ways to Discover and Reach Your Financial Goals

Kimberly Foss Wealthy by Design

By Kimberly Foss, CFP, FCWA, and author of Wealthy by Design: A Five Step Plan for Financial Security.

A friend of mine recently shared the story of an unsettling trip to the supermarket. Her husband was out of town and their three kids were off in different directions for the summer evening. They’d just returned from vacation, so the kitchen was bare. She went to the neighborhood grocery store, figuring to pick up something to prepare for herself for dinner and leave the major fill-the-fridge shopping trip for the next day. She found herself wandering the aisles, unsure of what to buy. What she realized in the grocery store was that normally she’s so focused on buying what her


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  1. ben says:

    Good summary of basics that everyone needs to consider.

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