17 Bills in Your Wallet Worth More than Face Value

If you carry cash on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that at some point during the year you have bills in your wallet that are worth more than their stated face value. While most of these are probably worth only a few dollars more, some can be worth much, much more. It’s estimated that some of the new $100 bills coming out will be worth as much as $15,000 each for those lucky enough to find the bills with serial numbers that collectors covet.

A lot of people don’t realize that there are people who collect bills. For these collectors, it’s often the serial number on the bill which makes the bill valuable to them. What’s interesting is that collectors have


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185 Responses to 17 Bills in Your Wallet Worth More than Face Value

  1. Mike bowlin says:

    I would tuck it away until i had 20 or 30 unique bills then take them to a coin shop to have them all checked out & sold together so it would be more worth while

  2. Mike bowlin says:

    I believe i would have taken that offer if they paid for shipping costs

  3. Alton M. says:

    I have 8 new sequential order uncirculated star note $100 bills. Could they possibly be worth anything?

  4. Jeffrey Strain says:

    There are a lot of people who collect star notes, so you can probably get more than face value for them. How much more is the question…

  5. Zack says:

    I have a couple dollar bills with the letter a underneath the date is that worth anything

  6. Jeffrey Strain says:

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean. If it’s an error, they would likely be worth more than face value. If it’s simply a part of a series, then likely not.

  7. Zack says:

    I also have a 2 dollar bill with the serial # g 00661246 a 2009 series just wondering if that’s worth anything

  8. Zack says:

    I have 3 1 dollar bills and where the date of the note is it says series 2003 A but I have looked at other bills and they don’t have that so I was just wondering if they where worth anything.

  9. adam says:

    I have a 2009 A G-7 $100 star note is it worth anything?

  10. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Yes, but it might be hard to actually make money on it. There is always interest in star bills, but large denomination bills like $100 bills are a bit of a Catch 22. If you tried to sell on eBay, you might get $110 for it, but because you have to pay fees on a $110 purchase, after all the fees, you’d actually end up losing money.

  11. daniel says:

    I have a $1 bill with 4 of the same numbers in a row. Is it of any value?

  12. It could depending on the condition of the bill…most likely not a lot more than face value, but there are collectors who look for such things.

  13. Alex says:

    I’ve got a $1 1993 series. Serial number F43585867C. It’s basically numbers 4-8 just not in order is it worth anything? Also a $2 series 2003 I17002201A. Is there anything more then face value in any of these?

  14. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Those are notes a collector might keep if they came across them themselves, but wouldn’t be likely to pay anything above face value for them.

  15. Randy Potts II says:

    1950 series B 20$. J69562323A

  16. Enid says:

    Hey there, found this post quite interesting.
    Also I have a birth date note with the number
    H 19176174 B on it. Is this worth anything more
    than face value? Pls contact me if any collectors
    here are interested. Thnx in advance.

  17. Tiffany Foster says:

    I have a $1 bill that reads C27766636C. I thought the 666 & matching end letters were interesting lol!

  18. randy potts says:

    $2 bill numbers f02991818a and l06065959a ?

  19. Will says:

    I have a 2 dollar bill that has 11557911 how much do you think it is worth

  20. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Probably not much. This is they type of bill that collectors will keep if they find them themselves, but usually won’t pay much over face value for. It would be different if the “79” were “55”

  21. Jessica says:

    I have a twenty dollar bill with the serial code JB 55959955 F didnt know if that is considered binary or not i was just wondering? Also i was wondering if you knew a website that uyou could use to search serial numbers on paper money to see if it is valuable in any way!!!

  22. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Yes. You could probably get more than face value for it, but it might be difficult on a site like eBay where you have to pay a final valuation fee. I don’t know of any site that would let you put in serial numbers and it would give you an estimated price of what the bill might be worth…

  23. TrollMan says:

    Hey guys I have two 20’s one is MF 77174175 A. This has obviously 4 7’s in it, one every 3rd slot at least (After the first one.) And 174 175 so it counts up.

    And the next is JG 26056086 A now this has 3 repeating 6’s every third slot (After the first.) And 2 of those are 60’s and it feels implied the third would be two if it had one. Also the 2, 5 and 8 in the 260, 560, and 86 are unique as they are all linked to one another via the addition of 3. “2”+3=”5″+3=”8″ so it’s a ladder of sorts.

    I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on if these two had any extra value, I think they’re neat but am no expert, so I wouldn’t mind a second opinion.

  24. Jeffrey Strain says:

    There are a lot of these that as you say, “I think they’re neat.” These are the ones that those collecting will keep if they find them themselves, but aren’t likely to pay a premium for them to add to their collection.

  25. dave says:

    Im mad that i had 2 20$ star notes that was in sequential order that i spent at the store. I wish i would of known about how valuable they were before i spent them

  26. TrollMan says:

    Thanks for your reply, going to spend them then.

  27. Amaretto says:

    I have a F95080845K is it worth anything? This is a one note

  28. It’s likely only worth face value

  29. Pdiddy says:

    Hello does this $20 have value the serial number is IK45123543D. K11

  30. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Nothing over its face value…

  31. Lightning Larry says:

    The letters that appear at the beginning and end of a bills serial number are indicate where the bill was printed and released. They’re listed on many collectors sites.

    Best of luck to you!

    Lightning Larry

  32. krista says:

    I have a 1999 twenty dollar bill that is miscut. There is no part of another bill showing but the miscut is very obvious. The serial number is BB 20529087 C.

  33. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Miscuts can make the bill worth more than face value, but you would need to see your local coin & note dealer to get a good estimate of how much it may be worth.

  34. Lorraine Tennant says:

    I have a a 2009 one dollar bill with serial number C 60000009 B Would it be worth anything?

  35. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Yes, this one is likely worth more than its face value.

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