10 Ways to Teach Kids Financial Generosity

kids and money

While many parents strive to teach their children money management skills, it’s also a great idea to help teach them to be financially generous. Many of us donate to charities or fundraisers to help people or organizations in need, and anyone who has children can follow some of these tips to help teach their kids about financial generosity as well:

Lead By Example

If you’re going to teach your children to be financially generous, you should lead by example. Most young children imitate their parents, and you don’t want to get stuck telling them to do something that you don’t participate in. A great way to encourage them is by showing them where you donate to charity


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One Response to 10 Ways to Teach Kids Financial Generosity

  1. getforfree says:

    I was taught just the opposite thing when I was a kid. I was not raised in the USA. Sometimes my mom would give me a snack or a cookie to eat on my way to school and she would always say, don’t share it with anybody, or I won’t give you another one tomorrow. So, I guess, I am not a big fan of sharing and donating.

    We only donate to our church. I don’t really see the point of donating to charities, if I am not reach and work hard to save every penny.

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