Dr. Phil: If You Spoil Your Kids You’re a Child Abuser

Dr. Phil spoiled children

One of the most difficult balancing acts as a parent is wanting to give children the things they want while not giving them too much as to spoil them. The fact is that your children will likely be much better off if they don’t get everything that they want, even if they don’t like this at the time. Dr. Phil takes this thought a step further. In his eyes, if you spoil your kids, you’re a child abuser. In fact, spoiling your kids is one of the worst types of child abuse that you can thrust upon them. As he says, spoiling children “is one of the most insidious forms of child abuse.” Below are a number of things that he says happen when you decide to over-indulge y


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6 Responses to Dr. Phil: If You Spoil Your Kids You’re a Child Abuser

  1. ben says:

    While I do think it’s bad to spoil kids, I think there are degrees. Dr. Phil isn’t who I would go to for parent child relationship advice.

  2. Karla Twomey says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Awesome post! Dr. Phil says it like it is and it makes perfect sense. The negatives that he points out are NOT how I want my kiddos to turn out.

    Karla Twomey

  3. Robin says:

    No, child abuse is beating your child or locking them in a closet. It is constantly tearing them down and making them feel like garbage. It is making them live in a constant state of fear. It is NOT overindulging them. That is stupid and irresponsible, but it is not abusive. I am so sick of these advice quacks throwing around words like abuse when what they are talking about is nowhere near what the definition of those words mean. Believe me, a true victim of child abuse would not even come close to thinking that a spoiled child was abused, now would a spoiled child think he was abused. I understand the point of the article and agree generally with what you are trying to say, but using the term child abuse here is a flagrant abuse of the term and trivializes what victims go through.

  4. jim says:

    Well said!

  5. Minny says:

    As an abused child as described by Robin I agree with him, spoiling is not abusing.

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