10 Money Lessons Everyone Should Learn from Judge Judy

Judge Judy money matters

My guess is that at some point in your life, you’ve watched at least one episode of Judge Judy as you’ve been flipping through the channels during the day. Maybe you’ve seen it playing in your doctor’s office or at a local diner. At first it seems like nothing more than a reality court show, but it actually is an excellent source of practical life lessons and money management skills that everyone should keep in mind. As most of the cases on the show tend to deal with money or financial matters, here are a few crucial money lessons that people can learn from watching the show. Below are some of the more important ones:

Money Makes People Act Irrationally

Anyone who h


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6 Responses to 10 Money Lessons Everyone Should Learn from Judge Judy

  1. jay says:

    Don’t leave home without it:
    If you leave a relationship, co-tenancy, etc., take EVERY thing you want to keep with you. Otherwise, it may just disappear.

  2. box top girl says:

    I love Judge Judy! She always puts people into their place. I wouldn’t want to be on that show if I weren’t in the right.

    I would add don’t bail out people you know can’t pay you back. If someone ends up in jail, it might be good for them to stay there if they don’t have their own money to get themselves out.

  3. getforfree says:

    Bottom line:

    You might pay dearly for helping someone. So, don’t help!!!

  4. Gailete says:

    She is a very sensible woman from the shows I have watched. Money/finances do more to break up marriages and friends than anything else. Some of the people on her shows are just idiots and it is hard for me to believe that these people honestly expect to win their case (and they usually don’t). Do they get paid for being on the show?

  5. JayS says:

    “Never a lender or borrower be.” JJ used that quote recently!

    Also, might as well make a gift of any money you give to family. A “loan” isn’t worth the bad feelings….

  6. JayS says:

    I *think* they get their expenses covered, and split whatever is left of the total pot (?$5000) after the decision is awarded. It’s all considered binding arbitration. Pretty cheap way to be made to look like a fool for eternity (in the world of syndicated TV).
    These shows have folks trolling lawsuits filed in civil court looking for “interesting” cases.

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