9 Ways to Vacation for Free (or Nearly So)

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Many people think that vacations, particularly to far flung destinations, are out of their financial reach. But this isn’t always the case. While travel can be expensive, there are ways to travel for free or at deeply discounted rates. These opportunities don’t usually advertise themselves, however. They require some work on your part to track down or apply for them. If you’re willing to put in the effort, though, here are some ideas:


Do you have a strong, marketable talent such as juggling, magic, singing/playing a musical instrument, or dancing? If so, you may be able to cash in on your creativity by performing on cruise ships or at resorts. Many such places hi


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2 Responses to 9 Ways to Vacation for Free (or Nearly So)

  1. jay says:

    DS spent his Spring semester abroad, then traveled all summer using such a cheap form of transportation/lodging (Ryan Air, trains/hostels, camping, friends) that it was no more expensive than paying rent, etc. at home! The school costs were also no more than if he had stayed at his home school. The ONLY real expense was the flight to/from Europe.
    He had gone to the trouble of getting a work visa as well, and though that didn’t work out for him, it’s another option to extend your travel time. Just plan well ahead as rules in some countries are pretty strict!

  2. A Writer With Guts says:

    Pretty cheesy information,or lack of. The title was more informative than the whole article. Other than the volunteer, work exchange suggestion, the others are pretty useless to most people. Plus there are no contacts or sources noted, for further information. Working vacations are possible, BUT you MUST do the work agreed upon when you get there. This type of vacation is NOT for those who want their freedom to go as they please and get wasted every night. But for most people, this type of vacation can ne a very rewarding experience.

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