Challenge Yourself: Fun Money Friday

money savings challenge

Saving money (and spending it wisely) can get boring. It’s hard to deny yourself all of your wants and to consistently focus on “good” financial behavior. You can spice things up, though, by challenging yourself to improve in any area of your financial life. If you’re competitive, you can even enter into challenges with others. (There are no real winners or losers, here. It’s not a death match, just friendly competition that benefits everyone). The Internet is full of challenges that you can take part in, or you can create your own.

I think there are four basic categories of challenges:

Savings Challenges

These are the challenges where you try to save $X by a


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4 Responses to Challenge Yourself: Fun Money Friday

  1. Ravi kumar says:

    Article’s focus towards mastery is awesome. We can be a master of our financial position. We should take care about many things if we want to become master like saving is must first. My uncle used to say that save money for your crisis time. No body will give single penny when your condition would not be good.

    Tracking ideas is also good.

  2. Gailete says:

    I challenged myself to get our finances onto the computer so tax time won’t be such a burden. I also challenged myself to start keeping a Net Worth statement on a monthly basis. I did my first one on 8-1 and was very pleasantly surprised at the results. Although most of our assets are in land/property without any major credit card debt (we use cards and pay them off monthly), our financial picture is so much better than in years past.

  3. Charles Peake says:

    This 52 week savings challenge should be implemented by everyone in their lives. My biggest challenge of 2014 is to pay off all the debts I gained in 2013.

  4. Bryn says:

    I like all of your ideas. Now that it is the first of the year need to get spending in check. I liked the blog/website that challenged us to spend zero dollars in 31 days except for the absolute essentials. I am on my first day (which will be a miracle if I can go one day w/o buying anything) and I made my breakfast and packed a lunch. It is 6:25 in the evening and I haven’t spent anything. Yea!

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